Airport Security: House Takes Action on TSA Wait Times

Airport Security: House Takes Action on TSA Wait Times

Airport Security: House Takes Action on TSA Wait Times

The Checkpoint Optimization and Efficiency Act of 2016 will require the TSA to keep a minimum number of staff on its payroll and allow it to move them around in order to speed up screening.

Inspector General of DSP says his department is "generally satisfied" with the TSA's changes.

At the same time, passenger volumes were increasing, and when terror attacks in Paris and Brussels resulted in tighter security screening, the wait times were born.

The TSA alerted airport police, who took possession of the bag and cited the passenger on a state charge.

The tests will be the first major inspection of the agency since last summer, when DHS inspectors managed to smuggle fake bombs and weapons through security checkpoints an astounding 95 percent of the time.

Besides replacing its management team at O'Hare, TSA has responded to long airport lines by adding more security officers, particularly at the nation's busiest airports, which enabled it to open more lanes there.

"What we learned out of [O'Hare] is that you really do need to pay attention to these large hub airports", he said.

Across the country, TSA lines are causing record delays at airports.

Roth said while government audits over the past year forced the TSA to begin "critically assessing deficiencies in an honest and objective light", the agency continues to use broad risk evaluation guidelines that his office recommended terminating.

Delta Air Lines Inc and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world's busiest, opened two lines last month that automate the distribution of bins for carry-on bags at checkpoints, to avoid screening bottlenecks.

"Given the threats we face to aviation security", the senator said, "we must also ensure that TSA is adapting to the evolving threat environment".

The head of the TSA says long lines will be a common theme at airports this summer.

The TSA has also claimed that cost-benefit estimates show the program's expenses exceed that of the TSA's federal screening program.

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