Fifa 17 to Change Competitive eSports Forever

Fifa 17 to Change Competitive eSports Forever

Fifa 17 to Change Competitive eSports Forever

Gone are the days where we would go outside and play the beautiful game that is football. Don’t get us wrong, a kick about down the park is still appealing. However, EA Sports have been tasked with making the Fifa video game better than the real thing over the last few years. They’ve done a pretty good job, year-after-year improving upon the already best-selling game. Not long ago we’d sit and complete single-player modes, but now the online component has well and truly taken over. Not only can you sit on your sofa and face people across the world, or your mates, but you can compete. That’s right Fifa is an official ‘eSport’, and with jaw-breaking changes coming in the latest edition, Fifa 17, it’s only going to grow, and it’s going to change competitive eSports forever. 

For those of you that need to hone your skills there will be an excellent exhibition mode as usual. However, they’ve added a story mode, and one that’s so detailed, you’ll lose hours of your life perfecting your video-game abilities.

This will lead you to one thing.

Online gaming.

Of course once you have mastered the step-over, and your 30-yard pot-shots, you’ll be raring to face off your friends and family online. The online gaming community has changed the way we compete. Now, rather than visit friends’ houses, we can compete with people across the world. It’s addictive, and it didn’t stop there. Many took to eSports competitive gaming. Fighting it out on the digital field for Fifa glory, and placing your bets on Betway while doing just that. Can you win with it all on the line?

Some believed it was a phase, but as it continues to grow, and the game continues to develop, it’s clear that’s not the case.

Every year they deliver changes. The players will be in sharp 3D this season, meaning the life-like experience will be all the more noticeable. You won’t be able to put your controller down, and once you’re good enough, you’ll no doubt find yourself wondering if you can compete with the best in the world. You can get the chance to see just that with eSports competition.

Player movement is more fluid than ever, making every bit of practice, and every turn, oh-so noticeable. This will only feed your addiction to the game. When that’s done, there’s nowhere else to turn but the fun affair that is eSports competition. You can win money, prizes and prove your Fifa worth.

For those that thought eSports was a phase, or that Fifa was lagging behind other games. You were wrong, and Fifa 17 will change everything with that in mind. It will enhance video games, online gaming and eSports.

Fifa 17 WILL CHANGE competitive eSports forever.


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