Google Adds US Cellular as Partner for Project Fi

Google Adds US Cellular as Partner for Project Fi

Google Adds US Cellular as Partner for Project Fi

This is because, these situations make it flawless for Project Fi to comparatively analyze speeds from each network and choose which one offers faster services at a certain area, "down to the city block". Project Fi customers will now have access to US Cellular, which is the fifth largest carrier in the US.

Project Fi, which was established in April 2015, has made several changes over the past year when it started out as an invite-only service for consumers. When it was first announced to the public, Google had partnered up with Sprint and T-Mobile to provide its services to its clients. Under Fi, improved user-friendly payment plans are provided by Google. Users get a refund for any data that remains unused at the end of the month at the rate of 1 cent per MB. The only catch is that now, only three mobile phones are compatible with Google's MVNO offering: Nexus 6P, Nexus 6, and Nexus 5X. US Cellular getting added will enhance the LTE coverage of the program, which earlier concentrated primarily on big and metropolitan cities.

Google says its users are able to spend about 95 percent of their cellular time on LTE networks and have a connection 99 percent of the time. The biggest gains from this, judging from wireless carrier's map, appear to be in parts of Oregon, Oklahoma, Nebraska, West Virginia, Texas, and Maine. The company now boasts of 4.8 million subscribers and operates a network of LTE and CDMA.

Project Fi, Google's very own take on being a wireless carrier, sure is picking up steam. The partnership will significantly expand the 4G LTE network coverage available to Project Fi customers, which now comprises owners of the company's Nexus smartphones and tablets.

Google also offers a much more customer-friendly payment plan with Fi.

Project Fi offers the best connection through Wi Fi or through its cellular networks.

On Wednesday, Google revealed that U.S. Cellular is the latest Project Fi partner network.

US Cellular is on the left (dark green is 4G LTE, blue is 4G LTE roaming, light green is 3G), and the existing Google Fi network is on the right (dark green is LTE, green is 3G, light green is 2G).

Digital Trends reported that the Project Fi wireless service uses special SIM cards and radio for achieving its prime objective to help the customers to switch to the fastest network on the go.

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