How to Download iOS 10 Beta on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Dark Mode will present a black appearance instead of white for apps running on iOS 10 on iPhones and iPads.

The Dark mode has been found lurking in the iOS 10 Beta and this might be one of the feature that will pop up in the future betas of the iOS 10. The developer Andrew Wiik shared in his Twitter account screenshots of a darkened Apple's messaging app with the hashtag #darkmodeconfirmed.

The iOS 10 simulator allows developers to easily inject code and find unfinished features within the upcoming operating system.

The Twitter user @MacAficionados replied to the tweet with screenshots of his own, featuring the apps Safari, Alarm, iTunes and iBooks in what appears to be Dark Mode.

Apple unveiled iOS 10 during WWDC 2016 last week.

This makes sense at some level, mostly because next year's iPhone is projected to make the switch from LCD to OLED, and a dark theme would be more appropriate for this new display technology.

Dark Mode won't simply be for aesthetic, it would also help synergize better with OLED screen technology.

"While users love the bright and fresh Apple TV interface, some may prefer a darker background to fit a home theater environment or darker rooms, so now users can select a dark background for Apple TV", a press release stated (via 9to5Mac).

As a result, some people have even suggested that Apple could hold the dark theme back and not release it with iOS 10 in the fall but continue working on it until the 2017 iPhone.

However, there's still the small possibility that the dark theme will make its way to iOS 10. Though Apple did not mention anything about the extra storage space benefit, and instead concentrated on features the new iOS brings, users who have already accessed it have mentioned getting several extra GBs of space on their devices. So unless Pangu is sure that Apple will be releasing iOS 9.3.3 for the public by the end of June, we are not going to see an iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak release on 1st July and this is just a rumor.

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