10 compelling reasons to upgrade to Windows 10

Flash Gordon

Flash needs some security attention and a larger T-shirt

It's also relatively clear language if you're not sure what Windows 10 is, though we suspect some readers will still get calls from uncles and grandmothers about a Windows 10 virus taking over the entire screen.

Expiring on July 29 2016, Windows 10 is available fee-free to anyone with Windows 7 or 8.1 and promises a series of new tools to enhance users' productivity.

You know, the one telling you to upgrade to Windows 10. After a rough start with the Surface RT, a tablet that ran a version of Windows for ARM-powered tablets that isn't compatible with the vast library of Windows software for x86-based systems, Microsoft found its footing with the Surface Pro.

Strangely enough, Microsoft has also mentioned that the machine in question should be running Windows 8 and the ones running older versions will not be accepted.

While the update is only rolling out for Insider devices right now, presumably the Windows team is working on getting this new functionality out to all Windows 10 users within the next month. Similar to the leasing programs created by Apple for the iPhone, Microsoft's Surface-as-a-Service will give customers access to the latest hardware though device upgrade cycles at a more digestible price.

First, this deal can only be made within Microsoft's brick-and-mortar stores located nationwide.

The clock is ticking to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

We'll continue to investigate this with Microsoft.

Acast now has an official Universal app for Windows 10, which can be downloaded from the Store. Microsoft has just announced an update to Edge that promises the sort of video quality (see Sandler) that Netflix is after. Windows 10 actually falls into second place with 19.14-percent, following Windows 7's lead with 49.05-percent. "Here at Groove, we've listened to your feedback telling us you want more discovery features in the app and we've tried to make it a lot easier to find music you love by bringing you access to hundreds of curated playlists, hand-picked by our team of experts", Microsoft explains.

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