10 stabbed in California rally

10 stabbed in California rally

10 stabbed in California rally

The TWP called off its rally and a group of counter-protesters remained on the scene for about an hour, McPhail said.

Sunday's mayhem in Sacramento began as the white nationalist group Traditionalist Worker Party, along with the Golden State Skinheads, were setting up for a state Capitol rally the group characterized as a response to aggression against supporters of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Trump.

Members of anti-fascist groups said they came out to let people know that racist and anti-immigration viewpoints would not be tolerated in Sacramento.

The authorities were investigating what happened, but no arrests have been made.

It wasn't entirely clear which group had the most wounded, but one neo-Nazi broadcasted online that "they got one of ours but we got six of theirs". Violence quickly ensued, police said.

"I don't think there was any verbal exchange, just full on fight", California Highway Patrol Officer George Granada told the Los Angeles Times. A group that describes itself as committed to fighting discrimination against whites.

The Traditionalist Worker Party is a white nationalist, political group that formed early past year, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

"The upcoming rally this weekend on the 26th promises to be one to remember, due to the fact many stand to stop us yet we refuse to yield!" McPhail said a group showed up to demonstrate against them.

Photos from the incident also show wounded individuals bleeding as well as blood splattered sidewalks in the park surrounding the California state capitol building.

The CHP, which had officers standing by along with Sacramento police in riot gear, said it was ready for the event. They said they expected to be outnumbered 10-to-1 by counter-protesters.

While both groups are trying to achieve the same goal, Professor McDaniel continues, those who are more aggressive believe "that the system is so corrupt that it can't be fixed". Reportedly, numerous protesters dressed in black, wearing face masks and hoodies which made it hard to distinguish at times who was on which side.

TWP vice chairman Matt Parrott, who was at the rally, blamed "leftist radicals" for the violence.

In recent months Trump has blamed "professional agitators" and "thugs" for violence that has broken out at numerous Republican candidate's rallies. "We are white nationalists", Heimbach told Reuters.

Levin said a similar outbreak of violence occurred at an Anaheim Klan rally in February where three people where stabbed and where he ended up sheltering two injured Klan members from angry counter-protesters.

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