A capsule look at the All-Star Game on Tuesday in San Diego

Washington Nationals Jayson Werth greets Washington Nationals Daniel Murphy at the plate after scoring on Murphy's first-inning two-run home run in a baseball game against the New York Mets Sunday

A capsule look at the All-Star Game on Tuesday in San Diego

Chris Sale of the Chicago White Sox will start for the American League in tonight's All-Star Game and Johnny Cueto of the San Francisco Giants will start for the National League.

Ortiz worked a seven-pitch walk and was replaced with a pinch-runner as the American League stars poured out of the dugout to greet him with hugs and backslaps. The Giants' right-hander is 13-1 with a 2.47 ERA. It would not have mattered under my suggested format because the eventual champion Kansas City Royals had a better record and would have had home-field, but if the NL would have won that game, then the Mets would have reaped the benefit while having only one player make the all-star game. Notable National League candidates Jake Arrieta, Madison Bumgarner, Noah Syndergaard, and Clayton Kershaw were ruled out due to either short rest or injury concern (Kershaw & Syndergaard). Fan voting has the potential to be cataclysmic for an All-Star game preaching the fact that the very best i the game will be duking it out. "But I'm very happy".

The host league is the visiting team for the first time in the game's history because the game, which determines home-field advantage in the World Series, is being played in an NL park for the second of four consecutive years.

"I know I'm going to go out there and try my best to impact the game", Bryant said.

It starts in the first game with Babe Ruth (Who else?), nearing the end of his career, hitting the first All-Star game home run in 1933. Tim Lincecum (2009) and Jason Schmidt (2003) also started for the N.L.in the Midsummer Classic.

There is only a 20% chance that the series will go 7 Games anyway, which means that this game should only matter once every 5 years.

Editor's Note: New players win cash in their first league or get their entry fee refunded! Last year, St. Louis Cardinals' pitcher Alex Reyes received a whopping 50-game suspension after a second positive test for cannabis in his system.

National League's Wil Myers of the San Diego Padres hits during the MLB baseball All Star Home Run Derby Monday
A capsule look at the All-Star Game on Tuesday in San Diego

In May of 1935 Major League Baseball put in place the one-team, one-player minimum for the All-Star Game, and research indicates only one team, the 1935 Brooklyn Dodgers, has been gone without a representative since. I believe it is time that the commissioner sits down and seriously takes a look at the voting system and makes some major changes for the betterment of the game. "You have to help your team win".

The league's commissioner addressed those topics and more - including the ongoing Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations, pace of play and expansion - at a town hall meeting with baseball writers ahead of Tuesday night's 87th annual MLB All-Star Game at Petco Park in San Diego.

"I train myself to pitch a lot of innings, but I already know coming into tomorrow's game that I will only pitch two innings ..."

The Blue Jays have five All-Stars: Edwin Encarnacion, Josh Donaldson, Michael Saunders and pitchers Aaron Sanchez and Marco Estrada, although Estrada won't play as he's injured.

"It means a lot".

Broadcast audio for today's MLB All-Star Game will have more sound sources than ever before.

"You worked extremely hard to get here", he said. Tampa is more perplexing because I still feel all Major League Baseball did was create a team for the Yankees to beat up on over the years and have displaced Yankee fans run out and cheer for. The 22-year-old, 6-foot-6 and 235 pounds, has 24 homers, 75 RBIs and a. 286 batting average in 85 games this year at Double-A Reading - but has 108 strikeouts in 329 at-bats. Just a longer career. Trout, among the betting favourites to win game MVP honors again, will hit second and play center field. Brandon Phillips struck out with two on to end that inning, starting a 22-at-bat hitless streak by Reds players in the game, spanning five games. It came down to pride and was must-see TV before money took over, as it often does. Opponents claim that it diminishes the game's competitive integrity while costing more deserving players a spot on baseball's biggest midseason stage.

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