A year later, Iran nuclear deal is holding but fragile

In exchange for curbs on its nuclear program, the United Nations lifted all nuclear-related sanctions against Iran, and the European Union lifted many bilateral sanctions on Iran's banking and energy sectors. In this January 16, 2016 file-pool photo, Secretary of State John Kerry talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Vienna, after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) verified that Iran h.

One of the bills would have amended the Iran Accountability Act, which sanctions the Islamic Republic for its human rights abuses and sponsorship of worldwide terrorism.

"Continued implementation of JCPOA commitments by all participants - including the United States and our closest allies - is critical to ensuring that Iran's nuclear program is and will remain exclusively peaceful", the administration said. These banking sanctions have created reservations among many foreign companies eager to do business with Iran.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he would renegotiate the deal, while Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who was involved with the initial nuclear diplomacy with Iran while secretary of state, would keep it in place.

With presidential elections less than a year away, officials from the administration of President Hassan Rouhani are in the uncomfortable position of having to continue to sell the benefits of the deal to an Iranian public that is increasingly distrustful of USA intentions to hold up its end of the agreement.

DUBAI/PARIS Iran said on Tuesday it had reached an agreement with France to take part in a multi-national nuclear fusion project, a year after it struck a deal with six world powers to curb its own atomic programme.

The Iran nuclear accord is fragile as it reaches its one-year anniversary. The Mideast's wars pit US and Iranian proxies in conflict.

If Iran were to race now toward an atomic weapon, the Obama administration and most independent experts say it would need at least a year.

"The accord opened up the possibility (of working in Iran), but it's still complicated to get concrete results due to financing problems", said Romain Keraval, head of Business France's Tehran office. It also noted, however, that no one can deny that Iran's right to enrich uranium was recognized and that sanctions were removed as a result of the deal. On July 7, the House of Representatives amended a spending bill to block Boeing's sale of aircraft to Tehran. To that end, Kerry has lobbied European banks to make greater investments in Iran and US officials even have explored softening financial restrictions on Iran. In January, when a Navy vessel carrying USA sailors errantly wandered into Iranian waters and the crew was taken into custody, Kerry's personal call to Zarif secured the sailors' release, defusing an encounter that previously could have become an global incident.

"There are legal checks to President Obama's power", said Pompeo, who first accused the administration of hiding details from Congress in late April.

The Republican-led House has approved legislation that seeks to undermine the milestone nuclear deal with Iran.

"The U.S. used this deal to put more pressure on us, trying to make us change our behavior in the Middle East or give up our ties with (Lebanese militia) Hezbollah", said Amir Mohebbian, a Tehran-based political analyst with ties to politicians of all hues.

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