An emotional Popovich bids farewell to Duncan, with thanks

Young Basketball Campers React To Duncan Retirement

Young Basketball Campers React To Duncan Retirement 11:32 AM

Tim Duncan has retired, which means that today the National Basketball Association is a less dope place than it was yesterday, but which also means that we can travel back to when it wasn't today. No showboating, no chest pounding, no showing-up another player, no cheap or hard fouls (he averaged 2.4 personal fouls per game), no me, me, me. Throughout the years, all three had opportunities to leave, but Duncan repeatedly took less money in order to keep the Big 3 together, something that so rarely happens in the money-driven National Basketball Association. But Duncan held fast to his upbringing and made his family proud in every respect. Popovich said he hopes Duncan will remain involved with the Spurs in some capacity, even if only part time. Duncan kept it simple, score a basket, get back on defense.

Ever since Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker began to play with Tim Duncan they have won four titles. But the man who drafted Timmy D in 1997 out of Wake Forest was then-nascent Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich. Maybe I could have won a championship or two there.

Given his propensity to shy away from reporters or acclaim, Duncan didn't even show up to his retirement announcement.

"I started not enjoying myself as much. I don't know, but I'm certainly going to hit him with everything I have to try to keep him around here as long as we possibly can because he means that much to everyone".

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver called Duncan "one of the most dominant players in NBA history" and lauded him for an "understated selflessness (that) made him the ultimate teammate".

A native of the Virgin Islands, Duncan retires as the Spurs' all-time leading scorer. The.710 winning percentage is the best 19-year stretch in National Basketball Association history.

"More cutthroat than people give him credit for", Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, who also retired after the 2015-16 season, told ESPN's Marc Stein on Monday upon learning of Duncan's retirement. The NBA has not only lost a great player, but by all accounts one of the greatest teammates in professional sports.

The legendary coach noted that other players will have to step up leadership-wise to replace Duncan.

"I talked to him before the game we played him here", Okafor said. "Was there for every single person, from the top of the roster to the bottom of the roster, because that's who he was".

But he was unquestionably the best player of his generation - the NBA's bridge from Michael Jordan to LeBron James - and one of the game's 10 best players ever. "But, I try to think of how to compare him what to say about him, and I got a few thoughts that might be boring for all of you". And people don't see those things.

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