Anti-Trump forces lose bid to change rules

After months of threats and legal theorizing, the movement to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination for president died late Thursday evening, as an alliance of GOP stalwarts and Trump supporters outlasted the remnants of resistance in a 14-hour, marathon session of the convention rules committee.

Mike Lee, R-Utah, took one when the Republican National Convention's Rules Committee overwhelmingly rejected a move to let delegates pick any presidential candidate they wanted.

Morelli and Villano said they plan to vote for Trump at the convention, as they vowed to do before Pennsylvania's April primary.

Reps. Trey Gowdy, Jeff Duncan and Mick Mulvaney will also sit out the convention but have said they will support Trump as their candidate.

That means even if a Missouri delegate for Trump attempts to abstain or vote for someone else, that person's vote still would be recorded for Trump, said Jonathan Prouty, executive director of the Missouri Republican Party.

Under current Republican Party rules, delegates' votes are to be tallied for the candidate to whom they are bound as a result of state party primaries, conventions and rules.

"You don't change the rules after the game has begun", said Buffalo developer Carl Paladino, Trump's NY campaign co-chairman.

Trump offers a chance to shift the direction of the country, something Renacci said he believes Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic Party nominee, is uninterested in achieving.

By the end of next week, delegates will officially decide if Donald Trump will be on the presidential ticket in November. The low-key public persona Pence has demonstrated could help sway undecided voters who feel the brash Trump "needs to be positioned as more presidential", Morelli said. "But I think there's the possibility that he could be a very good president if he's elected".

FBI Director James Comey said his agency was aware that "people from across a spectrum of radical groups" might be interested in staging an attack.

El Paso's Republican delegates are making final preparations to attend the Republican National Convention next week in Cleveland.

Amid divisions within the party, protests are expected outside the convention. "I would say he's not a Republican". All three will be going to their first national convention and are certain it will mark history.

"We have to go back to constitutional law", Mott said.

Tebow, who won two national championships, the Heisman Trophy, and is known for the "Tebowing" pose, is a free agent and has recently hinted at a return to the NFL.

"He is an optimistic, cheerful, and pragmatic leader from America's heartland", said Wicker, who served seven years in the U.S. House with Pence.

"I think that's what people love about him, that what you see is what you get", Rice told reporters.

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