Anti-Trump GOP delegate wins lawsuit

Anti-Trump GOP delegate wins lawsuit

Anti-Trump GOP delegate wins lawsuit

But "Never Trump" and "No270" Republicans say delegates to the convention should adopt a "conscience clause" and dump Trump as the nominee. That panel's initial votes are expected to demonstrate how firmly Trump and GOP Chairman Reince Priebus control the convention, which meets in full next week.

FOX411 reached out to Donald Trump's camp as well, but got no response.

In order to successfully affect the Rules Committee, proponents of the change must convince a quarter of the committee members that granting delegates "unbound" status is a good idea.

However, because he signed a "Declaration and Statement of Qualification" when he became a delegate, he agreed to vote in accordance with RNC rules.

On Monday, a member of the "Dump Trump" coalition revealed to the Daily Wire that the group has the requisite 28 votes needed to issue the "minority report" unbinding the 2700 delegates at the convention. He also warned that she could be replaced by an alternate who will "follow the rules". The RNC will need 1237 delegates to quash an uprising, and reportedly, they have only around 850 fully committed to Trump.

But these delegates must sign a petition to force a vote on the floor - a requirement Ash says is a high bar for a delegate who are on the fence.

A federal judge on Monday enjoined a Virginia law that requires delegates to vote on the first ballot for the victor of the state primaries-which would require GOP delegates to vote for Donald Trump.

Cleveland's police chief said Wednesday that while he'd prefer that people not openly carry firearms during next week's Republican National Convention in the city, state law allows for it and police will do everything possible to keep everyone safe. And, based on this court's decision, Trump would likely not be able rely on state law to back him up if this happens.

Most "delegate counts" used by the media allocated the state's delegates proportionately anyway, so it doesn't exactly change the "official" count for Trump.

Ryan deflected a question from audience member Steve Lonegan, a New Jersey Republican, who wants to incite a revolt to stop Trump claiming the nomination. He said Republican House members do not have to support Trump.

But Haugland said Monday that the ruling proved his argument that delegates are not bound to voting for any candidate right now.

But Trump also referenced the "tragic deaths in Louisiana and Minnesota" during his event, saying they made clear that "a lot of work" must be done to ensure all Americans feel their safety is being protected. If Republican office holders cut bait with their poisonous nominee and spent all their time, energy and money on down ballot elections, the morning of November 9 could be much more palatable.

But the law was so obscure that the GOP delegates already planned on voting proportionally at the convention, and not winner-takes-all. That makes this a little bit of a questionable convention if people firmly believe Trump will not be successful.

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