Anti-violence protests spread around US

Baton Rouge Lt. Jonny Dunnam said in an emailed statement Saturday that the department is reviewing a newspaper website's video that appears to show an officer with his weapon temporarily drawn at one point early Saturday morning as angry protesters confronted police.

The protests come after 25-year-old black Army veteran Micah Johnson used a high-power rifle to kill five police officers and wound seven in a sniper attack at a protest in Dallas, Texas, Thursday.

According to an article written by Downtrend, they report that the synopsis of the petition leaves out the numerous white people and police officers who have been murdered in the name of Black Lives Matter.

President Obama, speaking at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Poland addressed the horror in Dallas - and those police-involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.

"The convenient narrative has been for people, for the media to say, "Well, this was organized by Black Lives Matter", said Tezlyn Figaro, a publicist for Next Generation Action Network, the group that organized the event.

"I've met a lot of young activists in Black Lives Matter here in Austin, and I can tell you the vast majority are good people, that all they want is good policing", Acevedo said.

"He said he was upset about the recent police shootings". This is the men and women that were shot last night.

He said he supported the protesters, adding "they've given me a three hour break". "But with a black man, we've got to shoot to kill". While I hope we never have to see another video like Diamond's, it reminds us why coming together to build a more open and connected world is so important - and how far we still have to go.

He said the protest was "noisy by well-natured", with a Scotland Yard spokesman saying it had passed off peacefully.

Francis and Edwards joined hundreds of other protesters for a march through downtown Manhattan Saturday night, guarded by lines of police officers who formed a human barricade to protect and contain the demonstration.

The head of a lobbying group that represents US police unions and associations on Friday said Obama's administration helped create the climate that led to the Dallas shootings by being too slow to condemn anti-police sentiments.

Johnson was killed when SWAT officers sent a robotic explosive device into the garage he was holed up in, and detonated it. Johnson was found to have written the initials "RB", as well as other markings, in his own blood - police are investigating their significance.

Police deployed pepper balls to "move advancing demonstrators back". "Everybody is talking about the officers who were hit, but there were also two protesters injured - including a mother who took a bullet while she was shielding her boy. I'm talking about urban America, within the black community".

"It starts here, with us", she said.

Obama, scheduled to visit Dallas next week, described the gunman as a "demented individual" who in no way represented the African-American community. At a prayer service for the five slain officers on Saturday, Rawlings said "we will not shy away from the very real fact that we as a city, we as a state, we as a nation, are struggling with racial issues".

USA politicians have sought to come across as unifiers after the week of violence. Look forward and say, "yes sir" or "ma'am" to the police officer.

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