ANZ customers can start using Google's Android Pay right now. Go!

ANZ customers can start using Google's Android Pay right now. Go!

ANZ customers can start using Google's Android Pay right now. Go!

The launch gives ANZ customers the option to use their smartphone running on Android 4.4 or higher to pay at checkouts by unlocking their phone and holding it to a terminal that accepts contactless payments.

Ben Perham, Head of Personal Banking for Macquarie's Banking and Financial Services Group, said that from today, Macquarie cardholders will be able to use their Android device to seamlessly make contactless payments on their credit cards.

It's been coming for quite some time, with select users around the country getting to test it out in trial form recently, but now, Android Pay has officially launched in Australia.

The Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, and National Australia Bank still elude all the digital wallet services, however. The bank said Mastercard cards were expected to "follow quickly".

"Consumer behaviour is already trained towards using contactless". And smart phones could be more secure and hold extra information such as retailers' coupons, or loyalty scheme details, he said.

"I see a future where [mobile] will displace plastic". Android Pay is compatible with cards from 28 financial institutions (including ANZ, American Express, and Macquarie) whereas Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are both only compatible with cards from two.

Google senior director product management Pali Bhat, speaking from the USA, said that Australia was a particularly exciting market to be launching in due to the well-established contactless payments infrastructure. "Starting today, people will be able to use their Android device to pay at nearly 800,000 contactless payment terminals in Australia". "I'm really confident we'll get this going and then we'll move onto the next thing together", Elliott said.

"That is a very, very realistic aspiration that's not that far away", he said. It was being used heavily for small-value purchases, he said, but also for some larger expenses.

ANZ has an existing mobile payments platform, ANZ Mobile Pay, which launched in February.

Google launches Android Pay, its contactless payment service in Australia, offering a new method to pay for anything without the necessity of grabbing your wallet. Earlier in the spring, the company announced its rollout plans for the United Kingdom, and as of today Android Pay is available in another one of the Queen's domains: Australia.

"From our perspective, we won the toss and we like to be first".

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