APD honor 5 slain Dallas officers in memorial service

Extensive use of profanity in the quoted BLM tweets. Journalists make them, so do doctors, lawyers, public servants, waitresses, construction workers and others.

Yes, some police officers make mistakes in judgment, and unfortunately, lives have been lost. If neighborhood meetings are non-existent the police force ought to organize them. "You can't blame everybody for one mistake".

The demonstration itself had been peaceful, with police and protesters taking selfies together and behaving the way each should in a democracy - citizens speaking their minds and police protecting their right to do so.

Residents and officers alike stressed the importance of cohesiveness within the community.

- @baart_T: fuck the police bitch!

"We need law enforcement and we need to support them and we're behind our law enforcement 100%". The tragedy in Dallas, Texas, will affect police officers nationwide.

- @24BenFrank: Yeah it's lit in Dallas fuck the pigs! "They're not there to harm you, they don't want to harm them". Now in Dallas is payback time, pigs.

On CNN, Don Lemon responded to the murder of five cops by complaining that he has to call cops "sir" in order "to stay alive". And if they heard or knew of a gun, was it associated with killing turkey, deer, bear, varmints. or people? As Barack Obama noted in his remarks, the Dallas Police Department and Chief Brown were known, even before last week, for an outlying commitment to improving relations with the community.

A man with a hatred of police that many say was likely fueled by mental illness.

In the 1990s, in the aftermath of shooting of a black teenager by a white cop in Teaneck, a variety of African-Americans, from seniors to young adults, said they felt singled out for excessive traffic stops by the town's police. They're hoping no one will mention the awkward fact that blacks punch way above their weight in the percentage of crime they commit. She said that while she didn't take to the streets, the recent spate of shootings ranging from the mass murder at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida to the shootings this week hits home. The person turned out to have nothing to do with the cop-killing sniper.

Bias is a reality that all humans live with, and in our society a bias against black people is nearly universal, regardless of race or class, whether a person is a teacher or a policeman or a journalist. Contrary to what some may believe, fewer than one in three black people who were killed by police in the US were suspected of being armed or committing a violent crime.

The lives of the police officers are inspaniration to many.

The American Civil Liberties Union on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against police alleging that officers used excessive force to break up the protests and wrongfully arrested dozens who were peacefully assembled. "DEAD COPS!" "When do we want it?" "Those are some ways we reach out and put people in a place with a police officer so they can see them in a different [perspective]", Davis said. BLM is attractive to college students because it's not the Black Panthers. More choices in education, in careers and in housing would be a start. "We also went to the memorial at the Dallas Police Headquarters, where people were bringing things like flowers, balloons and cards". "Many Americans, who believe that 'all men are created equal and endowed with inalienable rights" and see those rights unequally distributed, continue to weep despite recognitions of progress. At the risk of indulging the soft bigotry of low expectations, this week has revealed the strength of American society at the same time it has exposed its most fragile parts.

If I ever had a doubt, it has been erased by the outpouring of support Middletown has shown its police department since the Dallas shootings.

Black Lives Matter has at times been its own worst enemy.

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