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In a marathon 15-hour meeting, the Republican National Convention's rules committee voted down proposals that would have freed up convention delegates to ignore their states' primary and caucus results and vote for any candidate they wanted.

Trump campaign and Republican National Committee officials say they expect to prevent her from accomplishing that.

"It's just the start", Ms Unruh said after the vote. For example, take Dr. Laura Dean, an obstetrician, long-time grassroots activist and wife of state Rep. Matt Dean, R-Dellwood.

"It's over folks", Steve Scheffler, a delegate from Iowa, said during debate on a previous amendment dealing with binding delegates. "They all got along and we are going to wake up in the morning to a unified Republican Party".

Donald Trump may have run a chaotic, occasionally haphazard national presidential campaign over the past month, but his convention team, headed by Paul Manafort, was ruthlessly efficient on Thursday night.

"Anti-Trump people get crushed at Rules Committee". All told, roughly 50,000 people are expected to visit Cleveland during the convention.

The "conscience clause" lost on a voice vote late Thursday, a vote so one-sided that no roll call was sought. That quest appears likely to come to a head Monday when the report could be delivered on the first day of the full convention, if 28 votes for it can be secured from the committee.

Republicans - the ones who voted for him, the ones who rationalized his language and views, the ones who conceived of the GOP as a one-issue anti-immigration party, the Fox Non-News hosts who slobbered over him, and his former opponents who embraced him - have no one but themselves to blame. Nonetheless, this is a hard strategy to pull off since it would require significant control of the floor of the convention by anti-Trump forces. Nearly immediately after convening, the panel took a three-hour break for negotiations behind closed doors. Based on votes cast at the March 1 precinct caucuses, the group includes 17 delegates for Florida Sen.

Davis, who has represented Beaufort since 2009 and previously served as a convention delegate in 2012, named several reasons for the platform committee to be skewing in that direction. But the odds are great: A minority report has not been submitted since the 1976 contested convention between Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford.

In one showdown, the rules committee voted 86-23 to reject an effort by conservatives to eliminate the RNC's ability to change party rules in years between national conventions. Ted Cruz's presidential campaign.

Carmody covered the Republican Convention four years ago too and said this year will be a bit different. "He may be the Republican nominee, but he is not the Republican Party". Although there was plenty of angst over being called a "robot", it was clear to all the delegates to the 1980 convention that a vote to repeal this rule was a vote against President Carter.

Donald Trump has chosen Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, adding political experience and conservative bona fides to his Republican presidential ticket.

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