'Bachelorette': JoJo Chooses Her Final Four

"Everything Jordan shared with me at dinner really opened my eyes up to the man that he is".

" Best quote of the night (courtesy of Luke, who is bugged by the fact that Jordan came into the show with "the most external hype")".

The seventh episode will see JoJo and the six guys going through a special rose ceremony and this time, not one but two evictions will take place, leaving the bachelorette with only final four guys.

Every man in there was someone she truly had feelings for, but in the end she felt that her connection to James wasn't the strongest. The two went to a ranch and learned how to be gauchos, and there was some super awkward footage of them cuddling with horses. For Bachelorette fans who watch the show for the emotional deconstruction of grown men, this is when hours of contextual investment pay off in sweet, syrupy boy tears. "It's just kind of how he's chosen to do life", Jordan told Jojo, divulging that the brothers don't communicate with each other at all.

Jordan Rodgers is the brother of popular NFL football player Aaron Rodgers. According to blogger Steve Carbone, JoJo went to Chase's home in Castle Rock, Colorado and filming took place on April 19, while her hometown date with Robby was filmed in St. Augustine, Florida on April 21 to 22. JoJo gives the Date Rose to Robby, probably so she can see his Nana scold him for running around in his skivvies on national television.

The Bachelorette Milestone: Jordan tells JoJo he loves her. It's a milestone because Robby a.k.a. Mr. Premature was full of it.

Chase and James were devastated, realizing that without solo dates and being unimpressive on the group affair, they were the ones that would be targeted for elimination. It's not ideal. And I love him. They jetted their way to Mendoza, in Argentina's wine country and stomped grapes at a vineyard, then drank the liquid their feet had squeezed out of the fruit.

Luke's date played to his strengths with horseback riding and skeet shooting. Just a bit odd. Luckily they finally arrive at an Estancia or else JoJo would have ended up climbing out of the vehicle window Mad Max style. That can seem harsh, as it did with Alex but she does it for the right reasons. It would be shocking if she sent him home already.

Rodgers revealed that if JoJo went home with him, she'd meet parents, Darla and Ed; his oldest brother, Luke; and Luke's dog, Carl. Unlike Alex, who honestly never had a shot compared to Jordan, it isn't "I thought, now I know" it's, "I've always known, but I've waited to say it until I was sure".

When JoJo asked if Aaron was aware that Jordan was on the ABC show, he responded, "I don't think so".

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