Bangladesh bans Zakir Naik's TV channel

"There are issues related to administrative decision-making. we don't have time today, I will see about taking the administrative steps from Monday morning", Haq said hours after the Cabinet Committee on Law and Order chose to ban the controversial channel, reported

Dhaka: The Bangladeshi government on Sunday made a decision to close down Peace TV, a Mumbai-based TV channel run by controversial Islamic Preacher Zakir Naik's Islamic Research Foundation.

Naik, a doctor by profession, is banned in Britain and Canada for alleged hate speeches.

Naik, whose speeches are aired by "Peace TV", is a controversial Islamic preacher and some of his speeches were reported to have inspired some of the Dhaka attackers.

While he claims to be an advocate of interfaith dialogue, his preachings reinforce all the stereotypes which exist against Muslims.

Naik, already banned in the United Kingdom, Canada and Malaysia, in his lecture aired on Peace TV, an worldwide Islamic channel, had reportedly "urged all Muslims to be terrorists".

The comments by the two senior ministers came as Bangladesh's private TV cable operators said they await a government directive on the broadcast of Dr Naik's television channel.

"His speeches, as being reported in the media, are highly objectionable".

Earlier, the Home Minister said CDs of his speeches are being examined for necessary action and asserted that the government will not compromise on the issue of terrorism. They told me that they do not believe I inspired this Bangladeshi terrorists to do this act of killing innocent people.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said that Bangladesh's intelligence agencies were investigating the Islamic preacher. Not a single probing agency says that I promote terrorism.

The video was broadcast on Peace TV, which is run by Naik.

Naik is under scanner following revelations that two of the five young militants who massacred 20 hostages, including an Indian, in a Dhaka cafe on July 1 drew their inspiration from his speeches.

In view of reports that the channel's content aimed at inciting communal violence, the ministry issued a notification directing officials to take action against those transmitting the channel.

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