Baton Rouge Police Arrest Three Suspected of Plotting Assault

Also arrested were Trashone Coats, 23 and Malik Bridgewater, 20.

Eight handguns were stolen from the pawn shop, six of which have been recovered, according to authorities.

Police said Thomas, 17, had one handgun and one airsoft BB gun, and told investigators he and three others stole firearms and were also seeking bullets to shoot police officers, the chief said. People gather for Prayer Vigil organized by Myron Smothers at Memorial Tower on the Louisiana State University campus in Baton Rouge, La., Monday, July 11, 2016. Both Sterling, 37, of Louisiana and Philando Castile, 32, of Minneapolis, were killed by law enforcement under questionable circumstances.

If he could speak to his father, Cameron said, he would tell him, "I love you so much".

- The 15-year-old son of a black man who was shot and killed by white Louisiana police officers says his father, Alton Sterling, was "a good man".

Alton Sterling was fatally shot by a police officer while he was being held on the ground.

Bystanders recorded videos of the shooting, showing Sterling pinned down when he was shot. Over a three-day period, police arrested about 200 people.

Investigations by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund's found various federal agencies have regularly labeled peaceful protests as violent and incited local police departments against them for several years starting with the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011.

The alleged plot was revealed by Baton Rouge police Chief Carl Dabadie in a press conference.

The protests in Baton Rouge were a few of many protests that took place from coast to coast, led by young people who are part of the Black Lives Matter movement. Protest in peace - no guns, no drugs, no alcohol, no violence.

Edwards said he was pleased with police response to the protests, in which nearly 200 people were detained, calling the response "moderate".

Cameron Sterling urged protesters to remain peaceful.

Demonstrators were arrested for obstruction for stepping foot on any paved surface adjacent to the road, even if they didn't obstruct anything.

The Police Department has come under criticism for the tactics it's employed to deal with protesters, using riot police and military-style vehicles on the streets of the capital city.

"Already people are making new connections in the community with people who care about the same things as they already came here caring about", Bailey said.

A spokesman for the police said they do not comment on pending litigation and the state police said they were still reviewing the suit. The officers said they would return with a warrant, but Porter claims that was after they had already taken the surveillance footage.

In recent days, the anti-cop crowd has has called for police officers to be trained in non-lethal deescalation techniques, whatever those are.

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