Black Lives Matter protest held during Cruise Nite

Tabor will attend a conference in Washington D.C. on July 22, where the White House will host a 21st Century Policing Briefing.

A day after Sterling's death, Philando Castile, another black man, was also killed by police in Minnesota.

Others, both black and white men and women, danced to Michael Jackson in the street in front of the protest.

"[We need to] make sure that our policies and practices of our police department are fair to everybody, and will promote and enhance the preservation of life", says the mayor.

Organizers of the Black Lives Matter march said the police stationed cars at the beginning and end of the parade route.

"Today is really an opportunity for us to further that dialogue to say look...the violence is unacceptable for all of us", he stated.

The PRJC wants the chief to acknowledge that there is a problem between police and people of color... and they want the chief to affirm that black and brown lives matter.

What's clear as facts are added to narratives enhanced by video and live- streaming is that few things can be reduced to black and white. "Nobody is marching. Nobody is protesting the fact that a black person took another black person's life".

"This right here's gonna create a movement to bring us closer and to get people to understand and accept each other", said Silk Bess.

"I don't think it was clearly stated that throughout the evening the demonstrators remained peaceful and the reaction from the RPD was a bit, it was overwhelmingly unnecessary", said Anita, a B.L.A.C.K. member. They say they were extremely happy to see that same support reciprocated from those walking along the Strip.

Secondly, some people think saying "Black Lives Matter" imply police lives don't matter. They linked hands, invited a police officer to join them, and they prayed for Dallas together.

"Or if I'm a Black Lives Matter, I'm not looking at a white life as someone who is an oppressor, but to look at every life as important as valuable, made in the image of God", Johnson said. But we want to do it in a legal way, as well.

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