Bombing at market near Baghdad kills seven

On Monday, visiting US Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Washington will send 560 more troops to Iraq to help battle ISIL.

"At every step in this campaign, we have generated and seized additional opportunities to hasten ISIL's lasting defeat", Carter told several dozen service members during his unannounced visit to the country, using an acronym for the Islamic State.

There is a sizable percentage of Iraqis, the report noted, who believe "the U.S. and other foreign powers are in some way supporting the Islamic State as a disruptive wedge against a stable Iraq".

Carter said the troops would also help Iraqi security forces in planning to encircle and eventually retake the key city, Mosul.

The latest deployment will bring the number of United States personnel in Iraq to more than 4,650, the BBC reported.

Obama announced last week that he would keep 8,400 USA troops in Afghanistan after this year, rather than cut their numbers to 5,500 as he once planned.

IS has carried out bloody attacks against civilians as it loses ground, including a bombing in Baghdad earlier this month that killed 292 people, one of the deadliest to ever hit the country, and an attack on a Shiite shrine a few days later in which 40 died.

"Let me begin... by expressing the condolences of myself and the United States for the terrorist attacks against the people of Iraq in recent weeks", Carter told Abadi on his fourth visit to the country since becoming defence secretary in 2015.

Carter said that the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Agency, which leads the US Department of Defense's efforts to combat improvised explosive devices, would provide additional assistance to improve security in Baghdad. The Iraqis have struggled to move troops, resources and equipment - tasks that will become even harder as their forces move closer to Mosul, which is 250 miles from their major supply hubs in Baghdad.

"As we liberated Beiji, Falluja and Qayyarah we will liberate Mosul", Ameri said in a statement.

Government forces said on Saturday they had recovered the air base, about 60-km from the northern city, with air support from the US-led military coalition. He said they would be tasked with rebuilding the Qayara air base located in the south of Mosul.

Some US and allied military and intelligence officials warn that, aside from its elite counter terrorism force, the Iraqi military is not ready to take on DAESH militants in Mosul without significant assistance from the Kurdish peshmerga and Shiite militias.

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