Brexit Champion Boris Johnson Tapped as UK's New Foreign Minister

Frank-Walter Steinmeier has previously criticized Johnson and other leading backers of Britain's exit from the EU.

Boris Johnson has said the result of the European Union referendum must be respected - but that it did not mean leaving Europe "in any sense". "I hope he understands his task in such a way that Great Britain maintains a sensible relationship with the European Union and also with Germany".

So different he insulted President Barack Obama by making fun of his ancestry.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest says Obama isn't seeking an apology from Johnson.

Popular comedian Ricky Gervais expressed his "disappointment" over Johnson being appointed as the foreign secretary.

"He lied a lot to the British people and now it is him who has his back against the wall".

Johnson had stepped out of the race to become prime minister which shocked many people considering he campaigned zealously for Britain to leave.

Foreign affairs commentator Ian Bremmer quipped that British-U.S. ties with Johnson as foreign secretary will go from the "special relationship" to the "special needs relationship".

Foreign diplomats and politicians seem to be going through different "stages of grief" in dealing with the appointment of Boris Johnson as United Kingdom foreign minister - laughter, incredulity and now rage.

The appointment of a man who in the run-up to the referendum compared the goals of the EU with those of Adolf Hitler and Napoleon is likely to cause consternation in European capitals. - German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, in Berlin, when asked about previous undiplomatic comments by Johnson. "Why should I? I think, you know, I'm not a - I, you know, I haven't lived in the United States for, you know, well, since I was five years old".

May, 59, is unlikely to have had much sleep on her first night in Downing Street as after she had unveiled some of the main Cabinet posts it was time to take calls from European leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French president Francois Hollande and Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny. We plucked his greatest misfires on foreign policy to give a flavour of what is to come.

By bringing in several high profile figures from the right of the party, May has handed an olive branch to Brexit supporters who feared she would backtrack on leaving the European Union having campaigned on the Remain side. He says Prime Minister Theresa May should kick off exit talks "as soon as possible".

From views that he has shared in speech and writing similar to comments that he has made about other nations and people it is clear that Johnson views Africa as the "dark continent" the Economist wrote about and would love to see it recolonised. I think Theresa May wants to make sure that one of the main Brexit campaigners is taking responsibility for the campaign and for Brexit, and I think it's a strategic move that it's better to have him inside the Cabinet than outside.

Steinmeier said that "Britain remains an important partner" with which Germany must work at the U.N., NATO, in the Group of Seven and in efforts to end Syria's civil war. "London provides a crucial financial service", he said.

Amber Rudd, 52, was appointed the new home secretary, a job made vacant after May left the department after a near-record six years in charge.

She has also fired Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, who backed Gove's short-lived leadership campaign. He was replaced by Liz Truss, a former environment minister and one of the many female faces expected to occupy May's team.

Hammond on Thursday said he would not submit an emergency budget in response to the Brexit decision, and would instead submit the budget in the fall, as is customary.

Hammond will meet with the head of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, on Thursday to "assess where we are".

"On all the phone calls, the Prime Minister emphasised her commitment to delivering the will of the British people to leave the EU".

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