Burundi lawmaker 'assassinated' in the capital: Authorities

Former Burundi minister Hafsa Mossi shot dead

Burundi lawmaker 'assassinated' in the capital: Authorities

The journalist and former Burundian Minister of Information, Hafsa Mossi, was killed Wednesday by gunfire in Bujumbura, the BBC reported on its website.

A witness, who did not wish to be identified, said Mossi was shot as she was leaving her home in the Mutanga-Nord neighbourhood of the capital. A resident of the area, Achel Majabuka, told reporters that he heard gunshots and saw two men escape in a vehicle.

Burundi's security and political crisis started in April 2015 when Nkurunziza announced his candidacy for a third presidential term. Members also include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Sudan.

On Monday 11, just a day before her assassination, Burundi government recalled its delegation at the summit, including its ambassador to African Union and two diplomats at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"Only inclusive dialogue, based on the respect of the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement and the Constitution of Burundi, can pave the way for a lasting political solution that will help to consolidate and preserve peace, as well as deepen democracy and rule of law in the country".

"Hafsa Mossi's death, the latest in a disturbing string of high-profile killings, is a great loss to the people of Burundi and the East African region", said Amnesty's regional director Muthoni Wanyeki. To date, it has been reported that hundreds of people have been killed, more than 240,000 have fled the nation, and thousands more have been arrested. Like Rwanda, Burundi has an ethnic Hutu majority and a Tutsi minority.

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