Cam Robinson's arresting officer 'hates LSU,' disputing Saban's alleged claims



Alabama football coach Nick Saban insinuated that the Monroe police officers who arrested Cameron Robinson and Laurence "Hootie" Jones were disgruntled LSU fans during a heated off-air exchange on Wednesday.

Those requirements, Saban said Wednesday, proved that while the Louisiana opted to end the legal process, he didn't let the players off simply because they were athletes.

"I'm not going to convict them in the public", he said in an interview with Paul Finebaum. "If the players really did anything that wrong, they would've gotten charged with something", he began. Something happened in that auto, and while the district attorney made a decision to not pursue charges that doesn't mean there wasn't illegal activity.

As with the previous video, what is said between Saban and Finebaum can't be heard.

"So we have viewed this as if these guys do these things to change their behavior and help other people - and that is ongoing - if they continue to do that, that will be how this matter is handled internally". When asked if he believes the football players were being targeted specifically, Saban wouldn't answer, only saying: "There's just a lot of questions there". "But regardless of that circumstance, our stance on this is we want to do everything that we can to get these guys to change their behavior in terms of making better choices and decisions".

According to, Saban continued with a "tirade" toward Finebaum off the air. "I don't think it's anything special we just always wanted the boot and I just feel like that mentality we have makes us play harder I guess", said Sprinkle.

And this is the part Saban gets right: He shouldn't care what you, me, Finebaum, or anyone else in the media thinks about how he disciplines his players.

Finebaum: "I'm just asking why you're not going to suspend Cam Robinson for the Southern Cal game".

Monroe Police public information officer Chris Bates told Gannett Louisiana that Saban's claims aren't true. "It's the end of the conversation", Saban said. "I think if you ask the commissioner, he would like to have that balance".

Saban said camp performance will tell the tale. "I'm really excited about the direction our football program is going and really look forward to getting 2016 started". "We are coming with a new quarterback, we are coming with a new running back, and a new defensive coordinator, and you already know that everyone is going to play their best game against us".

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