Cleveland Police Release Tipline Ahead of RNC

The Cleveland skyline, photographed June 3.

Donald Trump's campaign still lacks the minimum number of supportive delegates to lock down the nomination and prevent a revolt at the Republican National Convention, a committee delegate says.

As Cleveland prepares for the Republican National Convention going on July 18 - 21, the city's court employees are getting ready for some overtime.

Cincinnati police spokeswoman Tiffaney Hardy said police will use two-officer patrols throughout the weekend and then will reevaluate. Tomba was not available for further comment. And some law enforcement agencies have rescinded offers to send officers to help at the convention. He has contacted the out-of-state police departments that have loaned officers for convention security to assure them their officers will be safe.

"We'd rather err on the side of caution and at least get the information and at least make some kind of contact or take a look at all of what the situation is rather than not", he says.

"I will tell you that we try to do everything we possibly can to prepare for any potential action that can occur", Born said.

Kasich says he will be attending meetings in Cleveland during the RNC including one with the Secret Service about security during the convention.

Before the Dallas attack, Cleveland law enforcement officials had said they were prepared to protect the convention and its attendees.

The American Civil Liberties Union of OH also sued the city on behalf of several organizations upset by a short and restrictive protest route that would have kept marchers away from the Quicken Loans Arena, the site of the GOP convention.

Around 3,000 police officers from other departments, many from OH will join forces with Cleveland's 1,700 officers for the RNC. City and federal officials have said they can not guarantee they will be unable to keep apart groups that may be at odds with one another.

Ahead of the announcement, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Police Chief Calvin Williams expressed condolences for the lives lost in the shooting deaths of 5 police officers in Dallas yesterday.

"This event will put Cleveland in the national spotlight, as did the Cleveland Cavaliers parade just a short time ago", he said.

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