Clinton and Trump are in 'dead heat'

The Senate fails to vote for cloture on the Student Loan Bill in Washington

Clinton and Trump are in 'dead heat'

Cruz was the least lovable out of all five candidates, ranking below Trump by seven points.

For Clinton, these last several weeks have largely been consumed by efforts to unify a party whose deep rifts were brought to the fore by the candidacy of Bernie Sanders.

"Bernie Sanders quickly became the leader of the progressive movement within the Democratic Party", Dunne said in a statement.

Clinton's ratings on honesty were more positive soon after she announced her presidential bid in April of past year.

Sanders's successes in the Democratic primary are readily visible in the party's platform, which reflects Sanders's calls for a $15 minimum wage and affordable public college in the face of an economy that has increasingly rewarded the wealthiest at the expense of everyone else.

Clinton, who was attempting to position herself as a unifying figure, said the nation's future depends on how we, as a nation, handle this moment - it is one which she said must be met with "honesty and courage".

By identifying Clinton as the progressive option, Sanders has assured the USA nation that Clinton will appeal to the democrats that supported him for the nominee, and that she is able to 'continue the political revolution'. And distrust of Clinton has only grown since the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that it would not recommend charges against her.

Faced with the presidential Hobson's choice of sorts, 81 percent of Americans say they would feel afraid after the election of one of the two polarizing politicians, according to the Associated Press-GfK poll.

Presumptive presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are neck and neck in a new poll released by the New York Times and CBS.

In Pennsylvania, Trump holds a 40 percent to 34 percent advantage, with Libertarian Gary Johnson capturing 9 percent and the Green Party's Jill Stein grabbing 3 percent.

Although Clinton receives lower marks on these attributes compared to last month, views of Trump have not improved on these measures and remain mostly negative.

Clinton's numbers, on the other hand, continue to worsen.

Clinton acknowledged that she has made some missteps on race.

Clinton's standing on some key candidate qualities has taken a bit of a hit after she was harshly criticized by FBI Director James Comey on the use of her private email server while secretary of state. Both Clinton and Trump have strong support among their respective parties.

They also are much more likely to think women, LGBT people, Hispanics, Muslims and blacks would be better off under Clinton, while they largely think men and whites would be better off under Trump.

With Trump leading Clinton in three of the general election's most important states, the recent poll shows that the race between both candidates is much closer than national polls indicate. Sixty-two percent of voters said he was not honest and trustworthy, just a slight change from the June poll, when 63 percent said so. Those were OH, where the firm found Trump narrowly ahead, and Florida, Georgia, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, all of which leaned slightly to Clinton.

In a speech weighted with America's complicated racial history, Democrat Hillary Clinton laced into Republican presidential rival Donald Trump on Wednesday, accusing him of fueling divisions among Americans over race and religion.

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