Colorado's Republican Delegates Divided On Eve Of National Convention

Colorado's Republican Delegates Divided On Eve Of National Convention

Colorado's Republican Delegates Divided On Eve Of National Convention

Delegates Unbound, a group insisting that delegates may already vote for the candidate of their choice as their party's presidential nominee, has set up shop in downtown Cleveland, just blocks from where those delegates will cast their votes on the floor of the Quicken Loans Arena next week.

Their resignations are a sign of the dissatisfaction among some established Republican activists about Trump's candidacy and the effect it could have on down-ballot Republican races in November. Donald Trump received only 46 percent.

The Make America Awesome PAC, a group opposed to Donald Trump, posted a letter to the committee members urging them to vote to unbind convention delegates. The committee appears unlikely to endorse releasing delegates from their pledges.

The Rules Committee may see a push to let delegates vote their conscience and switch away from Trump.

Anderson said he is not going to the convention out of protest of the IL state Republican Party not supporting Trump.

The addition of the border wall language is significant due to the controversial nature of the topic throughout Trump's campaign. "We have great speakers, we have winners, we have people that aren't only political people", Trump told Fox News Channel on Tuesday.

"We've never seen a circumstance like this, where all 2,500 delegates would vote on the floor for something this consequential", said Texas Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak, an RNC delegate and an ally of U.S. Sen. Trump aides say the presumptive Republican nominee is still inviting people to the event, and the list could change at any moment.

Party leaders, and a growing number of rank-and-file delegates, say the renegades' effort is going nowhere: Mr. Trump has solidified his support, struck the right balance with the party's platform and is in little danger of being ousted. "This is about saving the party and winning in the fall".

And Blanchard-Reed says that system made sense. Trump carried every Florida county except Miami-Dade.

"This just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, the whole thing", said Maryland delegate Ben Marchi, who also decried the group behind it, especially Singer. At this point, the cake is baked.

The RNC has recommended Rina Shah Bharara be reinstated as a convention delegate next week in Cleveland.

"There is certainly a movement afoot, I receive emails fairly frequently about an attempt to change the rules", said Lyster, referring to the nominating process.

Randy Evans, an RNC member from Georgia who has been keeping a careful tally of the almost 2,500 delegates, said that although 1,457 are now required by party rules to vote for Trump, the celebrity businessman could only count on 888 delegates loyal to him personally in a rules battle.

The first would be that "delegates do vote their conscience and not try to be manipulated or guided or pushed by the [Republican National Committee] and the Trump campaign", Waters said.

She said it was especially damaging the party with young people to be fighting so stridently to maintain what she called "very hurtful, very mean-spirited" language including declaring families without a married mother and father to be damaging to society and to children. "They were fearful of us being here, fearful of it being brought up, fearful that gays are coming into having full rights to heterosexuals".

Trump's surprise rise in the primaries - on the back of an anti-establishment, protectionist and xenophobic message - deprived the party of the chance to rebuild troubled ties with black and Hispanic voters. "If he can't win us, he's certainly not going to win the general public".

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