Dallas chief: 'Don't be a part of problem. We're hiring.'

Cheryl Heard right and Tatia Edwards pay their respects at a makeshift memorial of police cars in honor of the slain Dallas police officers in front of their headquarters in Dallas Saturday

Dallas chief: 'Don't be a part of problem. We're hiring.'

Mr Brown suggested angry young black people in the U.S. join their local police departments and try to become "part of the solution".

Then came that fateful night in Dallas, when he fired several bullets into innocent police officers and civilians.

"The military was not what Micah thought it would be", his mother said.

Demonstrators gathered near Daley Plaza and the Dirksen US Courthouse and marched along the streets in the city's downtown area with signs and placards reading "Stop Killing" and "Black Lives Matter". But Brown said in the context of Thursday's events, "This wasn't an ethical dilemma for me".

An FBI evidence response team works the crime scene, Sunday, July 10, 2016, where five Dallas police officers were killed Thursday, in Dallas.

Recreating the crime scene, the police chief said officers' jobs were made hard by the protesters who openly carried AR-15 rifles and other weapons during the protest.

"They said the police weren't mean and they were very understanding of the situation".

Dallas police chief David Brown. An autopsy will confirm exactly how many times he was hit, Jenkins said.

Detroit police Chief James Craig told reporters Monday that Weekley has been demoted to officer during an internal investigation.

Micah Johnson, a black 25-year-old, is suspected of fatally shooting five officers in Thursday's attack.

"It is my determination as District Attorney that given the history of a long and close working relationship with the parents of one of the officers involved in this shooting, there would always be questions of my partiality", Moore said.

The Daily Beast further reported that, although he was effectively blacklisted from membership across militant black power groups, Johnson attended protests related to police brutality against black people and liked a number of black power groups on Facebook. Nine other officers and two civilians were wounded by Micah Xavier Johnson with an assault rifle before he, too, was killed by police using a robot to carry a bomb into his vicinity and detonate it.

Johnson was killed by a bomb-equipped robot but Chief Brown said before that he sang, laughed at and taunted officers, and said he wanted to "kill white people" in retribution for police killings of black people.

Sunday evening, some protestors clashed with the police and a minimum of 48 people were detained.

He explained that investigators found bomb-making materials at his home - and a journal that described his future plans.

Brown defended the use of the robot, saying Johnson had already killed and wounded officers, was asking how many cops he had killed and told g a negotiator he wanted to kill more.

The Dallas police chief says authorities are downloading more than 170 hours of officers' body camera footage and collecting "countless hours" of dashcam video as well. Before he was killed by police, Johnson, who was black, told officers he specifically targeted white police officers because hewas upset by last week's fatal police shootings of two black men, one day apart: Alton Sterling in Louisiana, and Philando Castile in Minnesota.

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