Dallas gunman laughed and sang in stand-off with the police

Dallas gunman laughed and sang in stand-off with the police

Dallas gunman laughed and sang in stand-off with the police

Dallas Police Chief David Brown speaks at a City Hall press conference on the fatal shootings of five police officers July 8, 2016, in Dallas.

The Dallas Police Department's unprecedented use of an explosive-laden robot to kill an armed suspect ushers in a new phase in the militarization of US police departments. Johnson was killed by a bomb-toting robot after conversations with hostage negotiators broke down. You won't see me walking past an officer without grabbing them and hugging them, and shaking their hand and telling them how grateful I am for their commitment and sacrifice.

"Dallas PD is paying the price for problems elsewhere around our country", said Mohamed Elibiary, a Texas-based Department of Homeland Security adviser.

Among the threats was one made on the Dallas Police Department Facebook page.

When his officers proposed using the robot bomb, Brown said he approved it and would do so again.

Brown said it was "done by also protecting civil rights". In 2012, his efforts to heal the rift between police and the black community took on greater urgency when the killing of a black man by a white officer triggered widespread protests.

Twenty-one officers were injured in the hours-long melee, one of them when a rioter dropped a 25-pound (11-kilogram) chunk of concrete on his head from a bridge or overpass, police spokesman Steve Linders said.

Mawuli Davis, an African-American attorney and activist in Atlanta, said what's happening is a continuation of events in recent years because there has been no serious dialogue over issues of race and police encounters with black people.

Johnson toyed with police as he negotiated with them during a standoff after he first started shooting.

The family of one of the five Dallas police officers fatally shot last week is thanking the public for its support and asking people to keep all police in their prayers. "The problem is he was reassigning detectives from the office to back on the streets without any retraining".

"Some of the questions we may never know the answer to", Brown said. "We're trying to figure out through looking at things in his home what those initials mean", Chief Brown said.

While attending the University of Texas at Austin on a full scholarship, Brown became motivated to enter law enforcement when he returned to Dallas in the early 1980s and found friends from the neighborhood caught up in a cocaine epidemic.

The tragedy hit Guardado because her son is training to be a police officer in Rosenberg.

"If you've got a robot that has C4 explosives, someone's got to detonate that, so it's the same as pulling a trigger", he said. "We're in a much better place than when I was young man here, but we have more work to do, particularly in my profession".

In Mississippi, Waveland Police Chief David Allen was responding to threats of gunfire attacks that were phoned in and announced on social media. Seven other cops and two civilians were wounded.

Al Sharpton has called for an "end" to local police forces to be replaced by a nationalized force. "It's part of who I am", Brown said Monday.

Brown provided details of authorities' negotiations with Johnson on Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union", saying Johnson "obviously had some delusion" as evidenced by rambling journal entries and writing "RB" and other markings in blood on walls near the shooting site - the meanings of which were unclear and being looked at by investigators.

He said the department averaged over 150 to 200 excessive-force complaints every year for 33 years, but had only 14 last year. Will another black avenger try to kill another white cop? According to census data, the city is about 68 percent white, 23 percent black and 40 percent Hispanic.

Hundreds of people were arrested in the demonstrations nationwide. They responded with a standing ovation. "We're hiring. Get off that protest line and put an application in".

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