Dallas police had taken steps to mend rift with minorities

At the time of the standoff on Thursday night, Johnson told hostage negotiators that he had been angry about recent fatal shootings of black men by police across the U.S. and wanted to kill white people, especially police officers, Brown confirmed.

The parents of Micah Johnson, the 25-year-old man authorities say killed five Dallas police officers and injured several others last week, are speaking out for the first time.

He strongly defended the decision of police to use a bomb mounted on a robot to kill the gunman, believed by criminal justice and legal experts to be the first time that United States law enforcement has used a remote controlled explosive device to kill a suspect.

During the interview, Brown added that there were indications Johnson was planning more wide-spread attacks, saying, "We're convinced this suspect had other plans and thought that what he was doing was righteous".

Johnson was killed by a bomb-equipped robot but Chief Brown said before that he sang, laughed at and taunted officers, and said he wanted to "kill white people" in retribution for police killings of black people.

He also urged public support of the officers who did their jobs honorably. Authorities are now looking through Johnson's writings and possessions to try to figure out what those apparent initials mean.

Brown said he stood by his decision but understood why questions have been raised about the use of deadly force against the gunman, rather than opting for a non-lethal method to disable him.

He then compared the tension between law enforcement and demonstrators as a relationship in which "you love that person but that person can't express or show that love back".

Mr Johnson was killed by a robot bomb during a stand-off with 13 police officers.

Do you think it was right to use the bomb-carrying robot to kill the Dallas shooting suspect? A number of other police authorities around the USA have similar devices. Brown also said that Johnson tried to write a message with his blood on the walls, but only managed to write "RB" before he was taken out.

William Cohen, a former Exponent employee who helped design the MARCbot, said that robot was built to save lives.

The Daily Beast further reported that, although he was effectively blacklisted from membership across militant black power groups, Johnson attended protests related to police brutality against black people and liked a number of black power groups on Facebook. "Clear rules of engagement to utilize this new policing technology must be established to prevent a slippery slope of killing citizens without the benefit of due process", Hilder said.

"This is the best department in the country, and I'm proud to be associated with the men and women of the Dallas Police Department", he said. The Army sent him stateside, recommending an "other than honorable discharge" - which is "highly unusual" because counseling is usually ordered before more drastic steps are taken, said Bradford Glendening, the military lawyer who represented him.

"Get off the protest line and put in an application", he said.

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