Defying China, PHL raises sea dispute at Asia-Europe summit

China says Laos supports it on South China Sea case

Published: Today 9:31 pm China says Laos supports it on South China Sea case Reuters

"Ms. Bishop's assertions are completely wrong".

He emphasised Vietnam's call on relevant parties to exercise self-restraint and respect global law and the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea (DOC), while not taking actions that complicate the situation so as to help maintain peace, stability and security in the East Sea. He noted that Australia was not a party to the case and should not, in any way, intervene in the dispute. Many Chinese celebrities supported him and agreed that China owns Scarborough Shoal.

"The Philippines strongly affirms its respect for this milestone decision as an important contribution to ongoing efforts in addressing disputes in the South China Sea", Yasay said.

The South China Sea arbitration has been a political farce all along, staged under the cover of law and driven by a hidden agenda. China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea have been formed over the course of over two thousand years.

Ms Bishop's comments reached Beijing and were met with disapproval by the Chinese government. While the document was not expanded into a treaty later, according to worldwide law, he said, initialling implies freezing of negotiations.

"The news is old", an expert with the China Nuclear Energy Association said. China has formally protested against the "wrong remarks".

China's Foreign Ministry later said Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen had told Li that Cambodia would uphold a "fair and objective stance" on the South China Sea issue and work to maintain friendly China-ASEAN relations, according to a statement.

Tung urged the Philippines to negotiate with China over the disputes, and for the play a "positive role" in regional peace by bringing the Philippines to the negotiating table.

Australia's position mirrors the United States' response, which has also angered China.

How China responds to The Hague ruling could help demonstrate Xi's commitment to the neighborly side of his agenda.

"Across the region and more broadly, the overwhelming majority of observers regard the results of the tribunal as legal, and as binding, as does Australia", she said.

At the end of July, Duterte himself will be traveling to the ASEAN summit in Laos, where both US Secretary of State John Kerry and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will be participating.

"We call on the parties who are involved in that particular negotiation to abide by it", Payne said in an interview with ABC Radio on Friday morning.

Chinese government officials say the floating reactors will "power offshore oil and gas drilling, island development" or provide electricity for desalination plants.

He advised a careful United States approach following the tribunal ruling to give Beijing opportunity to change course.

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