Delta Airlines flight lands at Air Force base by mistake

Delta plane landed at wrong airport NTSB says

Delta plane landed at wrong airport NTSB says

Federal officials are investigating an incident in which a Delta Air Lines jetliner landed at the wrong airport in South Dakota Thursday evening.

The crew instead landed the plane at Ellsworth Air Force Base, located north of Rapid City Regional Airport.

"It's troubling when you have to trust the person that maybe got you into this situation in the first place", said Rapid City resident Aaron Eisland.

Delta has contacted the passengers "and offered a gesture of apology for the inconvenience", the airline said in a statement.

The flight, which took off from Minneapolis/St. Paul, did eventually leave for Rapid City after coordinating with officials, Delta added in the statement.

Delta flight 2845, carrying about 130 passengers, landed safely.

In July 2012: A massive military C-17 cargo plane bound for MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa instead landed by mistake at the tiny Peter O. Knight Airport, which sits in the middle of suburban homes.

Delta has also begun its own internal review.

Of the 35 documented wrong landings, at least 23 occurred at airports with shorter runways, creating potential safety issues. However, the runway at Ellsworth is 13,500 feet long and 300 feet wide and marked at the threshold with a large "13" number, while the runway at Rapid City Regional Airport is only 8,701 feet long and only 150 feet wide and marked with a large "14". It took about 10 hours to turn the plane around and ready it for takeoff again.

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