Donald Trump Introduces Mike Pence as Vice President Pick

It was a vice presidential announcement unlike any in modern times.

The 2010 decision has become a rallying cry for those seeking to limit the influence of money in politics. But she's also stressed the need to get "secret, unaccountable money" out of the political system.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump revealed a new campaign logo that's giving some people the giggles. Saying that "we're going to have an incredible convention", the candidate also taunted "Never Trump" opponents who failed to change the voting rules in a bid to somehow derail his nomination.

"What a difference between crooked Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence", Trump said. Pence did so while suggesting Hillary Clinton's policy proposals would weaken the nation's economy and its security.

He arrived in NY late Thursday only to be alerted by an aide to a Fox News interview in which Trump was insisted he had not yet made a "final, final decision", despite already asking Pence to be his No 2.

Therefore, Trump's pick of Pence would also help to quell concerns among social conservatives that the NY billionaire developer is too liberal on social issues. He came back for a photo with their families at the end of the governor's remarks.

Pence is scheduled to appear at a rally in IN later Saturday. Trump is not scheduled to join him.

Trump spoke at length about his admiration for Pence's record in Indiana.

"Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is my first choice".

Which is too bad for the GOP ticket, because Pence showed why party insiders regard him so highly.

"We can not have four more years of apologizing to our enemies and abandoning our friends", he said. Correct. Indiana's May 3 primary was where Cruz aimed to stop Trump's momentum. "I've admired the work he's done, especially in the state of Indiana", Trump said with Pence standing by his side.

He brags that they've been "crushed".

In foreign policy, Trump would lead from strength, Pence said and added, "He will rebuild the arsenal of democracy, stand with our allies and hunt down and destroy the enemies of our freedom".

On Saturday during a speech introducing the IN governor as his official vice president (though it took quite some time for Pence to actually make it on the stage) the logo was noticeably missing.

The scene for the televised event, two days before the Republican National Convention kicks off in Cleveland, was a New York Hilton Midtown ballroom with floor-to-ceiling drapery, multiple US flags and little other decoration other than the usual "Trump" placard on the front of the podium. On Saturday, 11 American flags adorned the stage, as red, white and blue stage lights lit up the backdrop behind them. The event did not feature any new "Trump-Pence" signs, instead displaying the standard "Trump" podium sign.

"We need new leadership".

Trump has made renegotiating trade deals a central theme of his campaign, while Pence has spoken in favour of trade agreements.

In speech of more than 20 minutes, Trump frequently deviated from Pence.

"Nobody in the history of this country has ever known so much about infrastructure as Donald Trump", he said.

"I'm excited to be joining the ticket tomorrow with Donald Trump".

The Trump campaign has denied the reports that Trump had a sudden crisis of confidence over his pick of Pence, which have put the IN governor IN an awkward position at the moment of joining the Republican ticket.

It was the first appearance the two made together since officially becoming runningmates. Pence had to withdraw officially as the Republican candidate for governor by noon, as IN state law forbids running for two offices at once.

Trump and Pence will appear at a midtown Manhattan hotel on Saturday morning.

Once calling himself as "a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order", Pence is also a beloved social conservative among the devout evangelical conservatives within the party. He was picked after Trump's days-long and unusually public deliberation process.

Frequently straying from the notes on the lectern, Trump talked about himself and likely Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, often detouring from the goal of the event: to introduce a little-known politician to the broader public.

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