Donald Trump: Picking Up Ground In Swing States

Clinton also suffered when it came to honesty and trustworthiness, which Trump also leads in all three states.

Voterss in Florida believe Clinton is more intelligent than Trump (52-35 percent), but they trust the mogul more: 50 percent find him more trustworthy and honest than Clinton, whereas only 37 percent believe she has those traits.

This pollster last surveyed Pennsylvania in April, Ohio in March, and Iowa in January, before the race had narrowed to two presumptive nominees. The results among both groups saw the gap between Clinton and Trump shrink, compared to a similar poll released in June.

According to new polling from Quinnipiac University, Trump is leading Clinton in the swing states of Florida (42-39 percent) and Pennsylvania (43-41) and tied with her in OH (41-41 percent).

A total of 955 OH voters surveyed were evenly split, 41 percent-41percent, between Republican and Democrat, compared to a 40 percent-40 percent split last month.

All of those leads are within the margins of error for each survey: 3.1 percentage points in Florida and Pennsylvania, and 3.2 percentage points in Ohio.

The poll was conducted June 30 through July 11, so it only partially takes into account the Federal Bureau of Investigation director's harsh critique last week of Clinton's use of a private email server as secretary of state and his recommendation that she not face charges.

Trump now leads Clinton 42-39 percent in OH, in a stunning surge from behind in the Sunshine State, the Quinnipiac University poll found.

Clinton had 56% support from women, to Trump's 30%.

Clinton, who is expected to name her vice presidential pick next week, days ahead of the Democratic national convention, criticized Trump as a polarizing figure who is deepening racial divisions in U.S. "He has wiped out Hillary Clinton's lead in Florida, is on the upside of too-close to call races in Florida and Pennsylvania and is locked in a dead heat in Ohio". Clinton said that as president she would urge white Americans to gain a better understanding of the anxiety many blacks feel in dealing with law enforcement. "That's why we need to keep working so hard", Clinton's press secretary Brian Fallon tweeted today. "Trump is a serious danger, folks".

Honesty and reliability are two of the main challenges the Democrat now faces to be able become the 45th president of the United States.

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