Donald Trump to pick Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as running mate

GOP convention exterior

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CBS News confirmed to CBS4Indy Thursday that Donald Trump is expected to choose Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his vice presidential pick.

Newt Gingrich reportedly also flew to IN to meet Trump on a private jet provided by Fox News host, Sean Hannity.

Others in consideration for the position were Newt Gingrich, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Alabama Sen. But it was not clear whether Pence had been told he was the choice. Meanwhile, Manafort is said to favor Pence, seeing him as a safe and noncontroversial choice.

"High quality person", Trump said about Pence, who now appears high on Trump's VP shortlist. Jeff Sessions certainly makes the slightly less-short list.

The staunch conservative has the support of House Speaker Paul Ryan. "You find out sooner or later who the last one standing is". He's also become a valuable partner for Trump, joining him at events on the trail and taking on the important role of heading Trump's transition planning. After traveling together on Tuesday, Pence and Trump met up again on Wednesday at the governor's mansion.

Sources had told Reuters earlier that Trump had been leaning toward Pence but cautioned that he could still change his mind. Gingrich is a boisterous rabble-rouser who has spent decades in Washington, including as House speaker.

The campaign has said that it will unveil a running mate for Trump in NY on Friday (July 15). He would also bring Midwestern appeal.

GOP convention exterior
Angelo Merendino Getty Images

Next week, the Republican Party will head to Cleveland, Ohio for a national convention at which Trump will be formally nominated to run against his Democratic rival, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Former Trump adviser Michael Caputo said Pence fit that bill.

Trump, a NY businessman who only got into politics a year ago, is looking for an experienced politician to round out his ticket, and Pence, Christie and Gingrich have the necessary experience. "He's straight out of central casting".

When asked about the number of vice presidential possibilities he is juggling at the moment, Trump said that he's "narrowing it down". Though several outlets reported that it was a done deal, The New York Times on Thursday afternoon reported only that there were strong signals Pence was being tapped for the gig.

Trump made the announcement via Twitter on Wednesday after a whirlwind day of meetings with a few of the candidates he's weighing.

"My guess is you're going to hear either tomorrow or Thursday", Gingrich said.

On Tuesday, Fox News announced that it was suspending its contract with Gingrich because of "the intense media speculation about Gingrich's potential selection as Donald Trump's vice presidential candidate".

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