Durant's Warriors jersey is already a hot sell

Being in a place for so long, the relationships I built, it was hard.

"I'm very excited", he told two Philly TV stations. At the end of the day, he has worked in this league for nine years and he gave [The Thunder] nine tremendous years that he's thankful for and that they're thankful for. "It was tough. Those memories don't erase".

"Like I said, I wanted a new chapter in my life", Durant continued. However, he woke up on the Fourth of July and decided that he would join the Warriors.

The Warriors held a commanding 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers, but unthinkably were unable to close out the series as they became the first team to squander such a lead, missing out on a second consecutive championship. I felt they were hand in hand.

Durant even spoke to Hall of Famer Jerry West along the way to help him weigh his choice. Tears were shed, but this is a new journey for me. "It's not a popular decision, but I can live with it".

To those who say he's taking a short cut to a championship.

"This was the harder road", he said. It's an adjustment period.

But I really care about the bus drivers, because on every team, there's a bus driver.

Even with his level of frustration, Durant would not have left the team had the Thunder won the National Basketball Association title, the source believes. It's possible that Barkley would have as much clout as a Jordan, Bird, or Magic had he done what Kevin Durant is doing and chased a ring, but we'll never know because he wasn't able to accomplish that feat. They wanted to let me know how I would fit in with their group.

Durant announced Monday that he planned to sign with the Warriors. I can't control how you feel. I'm going to continue to live my life, man.

After deciding to leave the Thunder, he talked to Russell Westbrook.

"Ultimately, he got frustrated and felt that they had plateaued", said a person with insight into Durant's thought process.

"We develop this thing where you keep telling these guys, 'Hey man, if you don't win a championship you're a bum.' I don't feel like a bum", he said. "I wanted to look Steph in his eyes and ask him how he felt about a guy like me joining the team". "I just tried to focus on me". Golden State's record-setting season with the best wins total ever of 73 ended without back-to-back championships.

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