Dwyane Wade leaves Miami Heat for Chicago Bulls

Despite his anger about breakup Dwyane Wade makes clear he will never bash Heat or Pat Riley

Miami offered Dwyane Wade just over $40 million for two years but Chicago landed him with a contract worth about $47 million. AP

Miami Heat fans were distraught Thursday morning after learning that Heat veteran Dwyane Wade was leaving the team after 13 years.

Wade's relationship with the Heat's front office was broken, and that's why he left.

Wade, the Chicago-area native, is bringing three rings home from Miami. Bakhai pointed out that IL has a 3.75 percent personal income tax. "But we know that it is in your best interest, and we want to thank you for everything, from the bottom of our hearts". A series of vignettes entitled "13 Moments" will also be featured on the platforms to recognize Wade's heat career.

One pair is orange in a nod to Wade's beloved Chicago Bears, and the other is aqua to pay tribute to the Miami Dolphins and the water of the South Florida coastline. "This decision I had to make last night, I mean, I've been in Miami for 13 years - 13 incredible years".

"We call it Heat Nation, just around the world, just by the way they embrace me", he said. The Heat is now offering him a two-year deal worth $40 million, which is $10 million less than what he was asking for.

Durant said his meeting with the Warriors' brass last Friday in the Hamptons - a contingent that also included the Splash Brothers of MVP Stephen Curry and All-Star Klay Thompson - had a "great vibe throughout the whole day".

It is not yet clear how these two communicated with Wade or what they talked about but the notion of Rondo convincing the former Heat shooting guard to join him in a team is very interesting especially since these two have a rough history.

"This was not an easy decision, but I feel I have made the right choice for myself and my family", Wade wrote in a letter to Miami that was released to the Associated Press.

"It will be fraught with anger, judgment, blame instead of THANK YOU!!!" Being a kid growing up, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls [were] the team for us. And I'm excited to go back to the place that I've always envisioned playing basketball.

"Everyone from the coaching staff to the trainers and doctors...parking attendants to the ushers, store employees, sales team, HEAT TV, Marketing, ticket office, executives, assistants, game operations and community (affairs)...You have all had a part in who I am today. There will be three alphas on the team", Rondo said.

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