Egypt Offers To Oversee Negotiations Between Israel And The PA

Egypt Offers To Oversee Negotiations Between Israel And The PA

Egypt Offers To Oversee Negotiations Between Israel And The PA

Netanyahu welcomed the Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi's recent initiative for peace in the Middle East.

The recent French efforts stalled the same way the United States backed negotiations stalled in 2014. Yet, Egypt's success will hinge on its ability to convince the two administrations to concede to past sticking points.

Even Israel's closest allies, the U.S and the European Union, have called for Israel to end new settlement construction, which is illegal under worldwide law.

Peace efforts have made no head way since Netanyahu took office in 2009. The term "undivided", which was omitted from the party platform in 2012, would suggest that even under a future peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians, the Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem would remain under Israeli control.

Egypt, by contrast, is a unique friend, particularly of Israel.

"The administration and Congress agree that Netanyahu will back off from the tough stance he adopted when he stated that "it's not yet clear that we will come to an agreement" with the USA regarding the new MOU and that Israel may have to wait for the next president, whoever it is", an aide to a senior legislator told the business daily Globes. Israel often praises Sisi for his stance against militants, and considers him an ally against Islamic extremists.

Ultimately, however, Egypt's success to broker peace will hinge on its ability to convince Israel and the PA to concede more than they were willing to in the past. The statement did not mention the return of Palestinian refugees in exile.

Expanding its illegal occupation, the Israeli government has approved $13 million for new settlements in the West Bank, Al-Jazeera reported Monday.

Taking yet another shift to the right on the Israeli - Palestinian conflict, the Republican Party is poised to drop reference to Palestinians from its platform and to reinforced the call for keeping Jerusalem "undivided" under Israeli rule. The population of Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip is just over 12 million, with the number of Jews roughly equal to the number of Palestinians (each around 6.3 million). The activists lobbied the platform committee against what they described as "any attempts to force or pressure Israel to recognize or support the creation of an Arab state in any part of the Land of Israel including Judea and Samaria".

Earlier in June, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would be interested in an altered draft of the initiative.

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