Employees give Seattle CEO a new Tesla after he shared the wealth

Facebook  Dan Price

Facebook Dan Price

Dan Price, the Seattle CEO who gave his employees a major raise previous year, has new set of wheels, the Seattle Pacific graduate announced on Thursday. Still in disbelief. Never imagined this was possible.

Regardless, it seems that a majority of Price's workers loved the change as they recently pooled their money together and bought Price his dream vehicle - a brand new blue Tesla.

Gravity employees saved up and pitched in over the past six months to buy Price his dream vehicle, a blue Tesla.

The inscription reads, "Dan, Thank you for always putting the team before yourself".

The company says the project was managed by Alyssa O'Neal, a single mother who was one of the employees most impacted by the shift to $70,000 salaries. Gravity CEO Dan Price told his employees this week that he was cutting his roughly $1 million salary and using company profits so they would each earn a base salary of $70,000, to be phased in over three years. Dan Price, founder of Gravity Payments a year made a decision to increase minimum salary of all his 120 employees, cutting down on his own compensation. Lucas Price, a co-founder of Gravity Payments, had accused Dan of paying himself too high of a salary and violating Lucas's minority shareholder rights.

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