Father of restaurant attacker: Other Bangladeshi men missing

Islamic state reportedly in its 14th edition of Dabiq magazine published on April 13 claimed that they have organisational base in Bangladesh, from where they have plans to attack on India and Myanmar to avenge the persecution on Muslims.

Bengali said Bangladesh must know that it was now part of a bigger battlefield to establish the cross-border "caliphate" the group proclaimed in 2014.

Last Friday night, seven Islamic State militants killed 22 people, including two police officers, at a Western-styled cafe in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In those cases, Bangladesh government officials denied that the killings are the work of Islamic terrorists, but said they were anxious that they will hurt the garment business and the image of the country.

"What you witnessed in Bangladesh.was a glimpse".

The video starts with pictures of all recent attacks in Paris, Brussels and Orlando, claimed by the IS.

Al-Hanif said Bangladesh, referred to by the IS as "Bengal", is an important region for the group's so-called caliphate and the global jihad due to its "strategic geographic position".

In another briefing, Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said on Tuesday that all the six militants killed by the security forces during the rescue operation on Saturday were Bangladeshi citizens, whose identities were certified by their parents.

Babul urged the government to take these cases seriously and give them importance.

On Friday night, police suspect Nibras was among at least six gunmen who attacked an upscale restaurant in Dhaka and brutally murdered 20 people, majority foreigners. "All our concerned units are working tirelessly", said deputy inspector general of police Shahidur Rahman.

Foreign security experts say the scale and sophistication of the strike on the Holey Artisan Bakery pointed to some level of guidance from worldwide militant groups.

Emory officials have said Kabir was entering Emory's Oxford College as a sophomore.

It said Ali conveyed the envoys of Bangladesh's resolve to root out terrorism from its soil and would continue to work "closely" with other countries, regional bodies and the United Nations to fight the menace off as it appeared as a global challenge.

The minister said the law enforcing agencies were on high alert and security measures were strengthened further.

It was not clear if the five are suspects or being questioned simply because authorities believe they could provide information that may be helpful in determining the origins of the attack.

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