FBI head testifies to Congress over Clinton investigation

Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Prescott, said FBI Director James Comey should have recommended that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton be prosecuted for mishandling State Department emails.

"Contrary to the baseless speculation and conspiracy theories, there has never been any evidence found to support the allegation that Hillary Clinton's server was hacked", the release noted.

WASHINGTON, United States- Hillary Clinton sought to move past the email controversy dogging her presidential campaign on Friday, placing some of the blame on other officials for sending her classified information.

Mr Comey said his FBI team had conducted its investigation of Ms Clinton "in an apolitical and professional way" and he had no reason to believe she had lied to the FBI.

Judicial proceedings in the case were officially ended on Wednesday after Attorney General Loretta Lynch confirmed that the Justice Department would not file charges against the former first lady as per the FBI's recommendation. At the time Congress passed that statute in 1917, there was a lot of concern in the House and Senate about whether that was going to violate the American tradition of requiring that before you go and lock somebody up, you proved they knew they were doing something wrong.

In March of a year ago, Clinton said at a news conference: "I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email".

When asked if the FBI was investigating the Clinton Foundation for its influence at the State Department, Comey refused to answer. So given that assessment of the facts, my understanding of the law, my conclusion was and remains, no reasonable prosecutor would bring this case.

But Comey insisted that Clinton did not break the law.

During the tense hearing, Comey acknowledged that those 30,000 e-mails contained three messages that had classified information in them.

"It's a problem in terms of domestic affairs; it becomes an even bigger problem when you're talking about national security issues", he said.

COMEY: There was classified material e-mail. Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) will request the FBI to determine if Clinton lied under oath, potentially extending the Bureau's investigations into Clinton's emails.

Republican Rep. John Mica of Florida said the timing of Comey's announcement was suspicious and compared the decisions "choreography" to the Broadway musical, "Hamilton". "I don't think there's been a referral from Congress".

"Given the FBI's findings, denying Secretary Clinton access to classified information certainly constitutes appropriate sanctions", Mr Ryan said in the letter.

Comey: "That's what I said".

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