Final preparations underway for RNC in Cleveland

JULY 15-Tim Tebow is such a big Donald Trump fan that he did not even bother to vote for the multimillionaire in the recent Republican presidential primary in Florida, state records show.

The Randall County Chairman of the Republican Party is preparing to head to the Republican National Convention.

Thursday's Rules Committee results ensure these convention balloons will drop for Donald Trump.

He said state party rules require delegates to vote for the candidate who won their state primary.

The Republican Governors Association is a fundraising arm of the GOP dedicated to the election of gubernatorial candidates.

"And I'm very excited about that", Manzella said.

Many Republican delegates pushed back against Ms Unruh's efforts, saying the efforts would be ignoring the millions of people who voted for Mr Trump across the country.

In two days the Republican National Convention begins.

"(Trump) is certainly not my first choice, but I'm willing to go in with an open mind", Ray said. "One of the things I love most is that it's one nation under God".

But the anti-Trump forces, led by Colorado delegate Kendal Unruh, needed the support of only a quarter of the 112-member panel's votes to force their proposal to a vote in front of the full convention next week.

Bartleman says he doesn't believe a second ballot is possible, and he's convinced Trump will be he's party's official pick for president by the end of the convention. In a phone interview from Cleveland Friday, he said Pence is a fiscal and social conservative and "a steady hand" who will make Republicans comfortable.

Hawkins is far from the only person affiliated with the Richland County Republican Party to be making the trip to Cleveland.

"Just as my personal nature, I think it's a great opportunity to do something that we don't normally get to do on a day-to-day basis", Bowman said.

"There's nobody in the party that doesn't like Pence", Currie said Friday as she prepared to travel to the convention. Trump, as the presumptive nominee, is expected to address the convention Thursday night.

In a gesture to conservatives, the rules panel voted to create a commission that by 2018 could propose changes to the GOP's presidential nominating process, which came under intense fire this year.

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