Fresno Police Footage Shows Officers Shooting Unarmed Teenager Dylan Noble

Fresno police released body-camera video of officers fatally shooting a 19-year-old man, and it shows the man ignored repeated commands to stand still and show his hands.

"I do not have the answer to that today", Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer told reporters Wednesday.

"We have a great of deal of community unrest in our city as well as other cities", said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

As Noble approaches the officers with his right hand behind his back, an officer tells him: "You're going to get shot, man".

Officers repeatedly tell Noble to lay on the ground, and at one point an officer mentions that he has something in his hand, though there is no evidence of this in the footage.

After that, an officer fired two shots, and Noble was seen falling to the ground, and then rolled over. Chief Dyer said the officers believed at the time that Noble may have held a weapon.

Police in Fresno have released bodycam footage of a June police-involved shooting that resulted in the death of an unarmed teen.

The exchange continues as more officers pull up, this time wielding shotguns, and join the standoff with Noble.

Noble, as Dyer pointed out, reaches under his shirt. In these tense moments, Noble has one hand in the air and one alternatively in the air and behind his back.

But there were still many unanswered questions, he said at the news conference Wednesday.

"I anticipate that some of this video will answer numerous questions out there in this community". A criminal and an internal affairs investigation are ongoing, he said. And I pray this video doesn't serve as that spark.

"We are pleased to discover from the media that Chief Dyer is belatedly providing the body camera footage to the general public this afternoon at 3:30, thereby partially complying with our demand".

After Noble pulled his auto over, he got out of the vehicle and was shot four times, including two times while he was lying on the ground.

The debate around the significance of Noble's death is also likely to continue, including among supporters of a growing movement to raise awareness of police violence.

That video only showed part of what happened, with the crucial seconds leading up to the first shots being fired not seen.

The footage shows a police officer driving up to the scene of a traffic stop, stepping out of his squad auto with his weapon drawn and pointing toward the truck where Noble is sitting behind the wheel.

Although Warren Paboojian, the father's attorney, acknowledged that Noble refused to follow the officers' commands, he added that non-lethal measures were available at the scene but not used.

The family has now launched legal action against the city, arguing the shooting was "an inexcusable use of excessive force".

Noble's mother has filed a similar a claim.

Between the police department's admission that Noble was unarmed and the new footage of officers continuing to fire, even after he had fallen to the ground, have renewed questions about whether the police were justified in using deadly force against Noble.

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