Fresno police release video in Dylan Noble shooting

Body camera footage from the Fresno police department captures the shooting of Dylan Noble, 19, who was killed after a traffic stop when police believed he was armed.

In the footage, we see a police officer stepping out of his vehicle and pointing a weapon at a truck, repeatedly ordering Noble to show his hands.

The video of the shooting and the parents' press conference can be seen below.

EDS NOTE: GRAPHIC CONTENT - In this image made from a June 25, 2016, police body-camera video released by Fresno Police Department, a police officer points a gun at Dylan Noble, back left, in Fresno, Calif. Fresno police on Wednesday, July 13, released body-camera video of officers fatally shooting Noble, 19-year-old man who ignored repeated commands to stand still and show his hands.

The police then ordered the teenager to lay down on ground several times, which he did not do. The officers have told Noble to drop whatever he had in hand or he would be shot, but he continued walking towards them.

Noble is seen falling to the ground and, after continuing to move his hands, then shot two more times. Dyer said, pointing to the video, that Noble reached underneath his shirt, with his right hand, into the waistband.

Earlier, he had declined to release the video as the police investigation began, telling the Fresno Bee, "The video, whether it's shown this week or in four weeks, is not going to change".

Dyer said there was never any question on whether or not the video will be released.

"We are pleased to discover from the media that Chief Dyer is belatedly providing the body camera footage to the general public this afternoon at 3:30, thereby partially complying with our demand".

At a news conference, Chief Jerry Dyer acknowledged the video is gruesome, but he said it was important for the public to see. And Noble says, "I (expletive) hate my life". The officer fires one more time, and, 12 seconds later, another officer fires a fourth shot into Noble.

Fresno chief of police Jerry Dyer told the TV station the teenager had one hand behind his back at the time of the shooting and police were concerned he could be concealing a weapon.

While prosecutors say they won't release the body cam footage until the investigation is complete, which can take two months, a witness to the shooting posted a video capturing the tail end of the shooting.

Investigators determined the object in Noble's hand was a 4-inch plastic container with malleable clay.

"I, too, have questions about the last two rounds that were fired", he said.

One officer shoots him twice. The source of the original report about Noble carrying a rifle remains unknown.

"They just wanted to shoot him", Darren Noble, Dylan's father, said after reviewing the video Friday, according to the Guardian.

His family thinks Fresno police didn't need to use deadly force. "This is a traffic stop". He had previously said he believes his son was murdered and wants the officers who shot him to go to jail.

On Tuesday, a law firm representing the Noble family filed a Claim for Damages with the City of Fresno in connection with the incident.

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