Funds Pour In To Support Family Of Philando Castile

It was the second fatal police shooting in as many days.

Valerie said even though she hasn't watched the video, she applauded Reynolds' efforts to share it. "We are here together", added West.

"My heart goes out to the Castile family and all the other families who have experienced this kind of tragedy", said Zuckerberg today in his post.

Also, the law requires prosecutors to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that force was not justified. "This has become something that people have expressed a lot of concern about". It now has more than 4.9 million views and has been shared over 300,000 times.

Yanez approached Castile's auto from the driver's side, and Kauser from the passenger side.

I do think there is a dual thing going on and that's an interesting social development that we're now seeing.

Just yesterday, a grand jury pool declined to indict Roseville police officers who shot and killed John Birkeland, a 52-year-old man with a long track record of alcoholism and depression, in February of this year.

Gov. Mark Dayton's strong words about this week's killing of Philando Castile threw him straight into a suddenly reignited debate about how police treat people of color. Portions of that shooting were also caught on video.

Castile, 32, had been pulled over Wednesday in Falcon Heights, near Minneapolis, for a broken tail light.

Yesterday, the aftermath of the tragic shooting of Philando Castile was shown to the world in a history-making Facebook Live broadcast. "We don't have enough positive role models in school and you took him from us", he said.

Reynolds sought to clarify what happened before the live stream began Wednesday, saying the officer only asked if they knew why they were being pulled over and if they had licenses and registration.

Minnesota state officials named Jeronimo Yanez as the officer who shot and killed Castile during the traffic stop. Due to its small size, Falcon Heights is served primarily by the nearby St. Anthony Police Department. Yanez's partner, Joseph Kauser, was on the passenger's side of the vehicle, and did not discharge his gun.

The bureau did not give the officers' races.

Castile told the officer he had a permit to carry a weapon, according to Reynolds' account.

During the press conference that prosecutor Choi had, he took the time to call for peace between the police and the citizens, bringing up the tragic shooting deaths of the five Dallas police officers on Thursday night.

He was reaching for his identification, Reynolds said, when the officer shot him in his upper body.

Much remained unknown about the events leading up to the shooting, about Yanez's background, and about whether the Justice Department would open a separate, federal investigation into the case.

Hours earlier, some of Castile's relatives, including a sister who said she considered him a father figure, addressed the protesters and spoke of their grief.

"This has to cease".

She told reporters that she spent much of the night at a police station and that she and her daughter were separated as they were pressed for information.

More than 100 demonstrators perform a "die-in" at Lexington and Selby in St. Paul. Justice. When do we want it?

Speaking later, he said America is "horrified" over the Dallas shootings and there's no possible justification for the attacks.

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