'Ghostbusters' Isn't Perfect But It Sure Is Fun

Even though the reboot doesn't really measure up to the high profile of the original, it does offer something exciting for a different demographic and a new batch of young people.

McCarthy: The reason why I, and I think everybody, loves "Ghostbusters" is that it's (about) four unlikely heroes that save the world and it's with these ghosts and science geeks and they're not the typical heroes, and I just love that story. The screenplay provides us with a lot of amusing moments - even if the character work is pretty slight.

Wiig is Erin Gilbert, a physics professor at Columbia who's hoping to get tenure.

Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon star in the new rendition of Ghostbusters. She reunites with former partner Abbey Yates (Melissa McCarthy) who never gave up her sleuthing of the supernatural.

But hey, at least the new "Ghostbusters" doesn't ruin the original - no more than "Ghostbusters 2" could have - and it was able to work in Ray Parker Jr.'s theme song.

And then it happens: the three women actually see a ghost, and the event is caught on video.

I get that. I saw it.

McCarthy, who has starred in a string of comedy hits including "Bridesmaids", "The Heat" and most recently "The Boss", plays Abby, a key member of the ghost-busting crew.

Meanwhile, they need a space to work and they need a receptionist. Reviews have been coming in, and they are mostly positive.

But Leslie Jones, playing a subway worker who joins the other Ghostbusters, was my favorite.

The new film is, indeed, a complete reboot, carrying over no continuity from the previous films - even if one of the trailers implied otherwise. He has no idea that his city soon will be under siege by the undead.

Ghostbusters hits US theaters this weekend. The lesson? As always, don't pre-judge a movie before you've seen it. A final note to the reader: you will want to stay for the credits, and all the way to the end. "The goal was to make something that would leave "Ghostbusters" fans with a smile on their faces". For example, I love the way the group stumbles on to what becomes its logo.

The story does occasionally suffer from the pressures of influence, with the original film's footprint well and truly stamped across the running time.

Euro also spoke with the executive producer Jessie Henderson, original and current producer Ivan Reitman, Ernie Hudson and Ray Parker Jr.as they were all equally excited to talk about the "Ghostbusters" then and now. Indeed, there were some negative scores, but in the same summer as many lackluster sequels and reboots - just look at the horrific Independence Day sequel or The Legend of Tarzan - Ghostbusters certainly isn't the worst.

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