Google reportedly working on two Android Wear 2.0 Nexus smartwatches

Moto 360

Google reportedly working on two Android Wear 2.0 Nexus smartwatches

Android Police said it seems likely that they will follow the launch of their Google Nexus smartphones, dubbed "Marlin" and "Sailfish".

The second smartwatch is codenamed "Swordfish" and will be a very basic Android Wear smartwatch, without features like LTE, GPS or a heart rate monitor.

Both watches are said to have a circular display without the "fat tire" found on wearables like the Moto 360. One device is codenamed "Angelfish" and will have a larger watch face with a sporty design, similarly to the LG Urbane LTE.

The smaller device, dubbed Swordfish, is supposed to resemble the Pebble Time Round, except with a slimmer bezel and gentler design along the lines of the Apple Watch. It won't be quite as large as the 46mm Moto 360, but could weigh in at around 43.5mm and with a 14mm thick case.

Meanwhile, the Swordfish variant will consist of a single button on the right-hand side and will not feature support for LTE, GPS and heart rate sensor.

Like an exasperated parent muttering something about horses and water, Google has chose to take Android Wear by the scruff of the neck and create a Nexus-branded line of smartwatches. They sound like...round smartwatches made by Google.

An unnamed, but reliable, source told Android Police about Google's plans and even detailed what the watches will look like. With its two watches, Google won't just be making watches for Android users, but will broaden the base of available watches for the iPhone.

It is unknown when the smartwatches will be released by Google if ever the rumors are true. This at the moment, is just a rumour as we don't have much concrete information on how much things have proceeded. As mentioned above, it apparently won't feature LTE or Global Positioning System, and it could lack a heart rate monitor, too.

According to Android Police, Google is in the process of prototyping the smartwatches.

At the end of the day we don't have too many details yet, but it's exciting to know this already. Following the original goal of its Nexus-branded smartphones, Google could use Angelfish and Swordfish to demonstrate what Android Wear is capable of.

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