GOP leaders approve convention rules, block insurgents

But there are other requirements too - such as delivering proper documents to the secretary of the convention - that must be met to qualify for a roll call.

In Pennsylvania, they were directly elected during the primary by the voters.

Lee told CNN's Dana Bash the protest wasn't about sour grapes.

"I think debate creates unity, not cutting off debate before it's complete", he said. "This is about the future of the party".

Donald Trump has been a contentious presidential candidate both outside and inside the GOP.

"Now we take this fight to the floor", Dane Waters, a leader of the Delegates Unbound, said in the email. One member of the group said they've got 10 states in their corner. Likewise, the dissenters will have to do more than make noise during an obscure midday vote about the convention's rules. "We stand for peace and justice and equality and we're going to be in the streets demanding it".

- North Carolina's delegation to the Republican National Convention in some ways mirrors the party's political shift. Their decision means that delegates must vote for Trump on the first ballot if Trump earned those delegates in the primaries.

"Delegates, we come here on our own dime", said Manette Merrill, from Coupeville, Washington, who was among those pushing for a roll call vote. A number of states called for a vote, but three of them fell below the threshold to make the request for the petition vote.

"I was anti-establishment before anti-establishment was cool", said Fisher, a national committeewoman who called this year "unpredictable". It's already had a tumultuous opening with contention among party leaders on rules. Many delegates want to "vote their conscience". They also challenged the validity of various signatures, with some coming up invalid, and some came up invalid.

Campaign chairman Paul Manafort had previously promised that anti-Trump efforts had been "crushed", only to see them pop up again in dramatic form at the convention in Cleveland. Mike Lee, R-Utah, as he helped lead the anti-Trump effort by about a dozen states. The Republican governor had returned to IN on Saturday following his formal debut that morning as Trump's vice presidential pick IN Manhattan. "When they found out what it was, they took themselves out of it".

Missouri has 52 delegates at the convention that began Monday in Cleveland.

"As president, I will bring the full weight of the law to bear in making sure those who kill police officers are brought to justice", she said.

Yet the line-up of speakers and no-shows for the four-night convention was a visual representation of Trump's struggles to unify Republicans.

Meanwhile, other delegates insisted that the Republicans in Cleveland should look at the big picture.

"This party is top-down, not bottom-up", complained Adam Motzko, a delegate from Sioux City, Iowa, who wanted the roll call vote.

He said Trump isn't "a messiah", but he said Trump was someone he'd "trust with the lives of our family and the health of country". "I don't think we are all the way there yet, either".

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