Greg Schiano, Tom Bradley deny assertions in unsealed Sandusky testimony

According to the Washington Post, a man known as John Doe 150 testified in court that he had been touched inappropriately by Sandusky while attending a football camp as a 14-year-old at Penn State, and he attempted to tell Paterno what was happening.

The cache of court documents related to the Penn State abuse scandal that were unsealed today came from the university's legal dispute with its insurance company, PMA, which argued that it was not responsible for covering the university's payments to Jerry Sandusky's victims, in part because Penn State officials knowingly kept the abuse secret.

A lawyer for Paterno's family issued a statement Tuesday claiming there is evidence that "stands in stark contrast" to John Doe 150's story. He was also a graduate assistant at Penn State in 1990, so he did spend a good amount of time with Paterno and Sandusky.

"I got the impression he thought I was lying to him and just wasting his time", Doe 102 said in the documents.

More claims are coming to light that former Penn State coach Joe Paterno knew about allegations that Jerry Sandusky sexually abused boys on the Penn State campus. He did not have to face the shame of an independent investigation stating the he was aware of Sandusky's vile acts and put the sanctity of his program ahead of the victims. McQueary also said that Bradley told him that Greg Schiano, in the '90s, saw Sandusky in the shower with a boy. That individual, referred to as "John Doe 150", testified that he told Joe Paterno of the incident, and that Paterno ignored the allegations.

Schiano said in a statement after the release of the testimony that he never saw nor had knowledge of any Sandusky abuse.

It was Bradley, after all, that led Penn State as the interim head coach as the scandal unfolded during the 2011 season.

More recently, more than 200 former lettermen from the university's football team sent a letter to Penn State's board of trustees and university President Eric Barron asking that the statue be restored to a place of honor.

Paterno's family strongly denies the coach was aware of the abuse, and they released a statement Tuesday saying he was simply being vilified now that it is impossible for him to offer any rebuttal. John Doe 101 said he was only in his underwear at the time. Sandusky was convicted in 2012 of assaulting 10 boys over a 15-year period and was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison. Any assertions to the contrary are false.

There's probably no way to verify the claim - and it's a distraction from the real import of the depositions released Tuesday in a civil case between Penn State and an insurance agency over who should pay 32 victims.

The university has paid out millions of dollars over claims of sexual abuse. That coach died four years ago.

John Doe 200 said he told a guidance counselor at Second Mile, Sandusky's charity for underprivileged youth, about Sandusky allegedly molesting him in 1995 or 1996.

But lawyer Ken Feinberg, who helped mediate claims against the university, said Penn State was diligent in making sure the claims were supported by sufficient proof.

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