Hannity Reportedly Flew Gingrich Out To Meet Trump On His Private Jet

Trump revealed some of his thinking to Fox News host Bret Baer in a clip that aired Wednesday. He eventually dropped out of the race and backed Mitt Romney for president.

But on Tuesday, everything changed, because FOX News (where Gingrich had been employed as a contributor for years) officially suspended him due to all the campaign chatter.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, rumored to be one of two or three possible vice presidential picks for Donald Trump, recently predicted behind closed doors that Trump would lose the general election in a landslide, ProPublica reports.

Is there really a conflict if he's NOT being chosen?

After describing the bigger-than-life seeming personalities of Trump and himself as being like "pirates", Gingrich asked: "Do you really want a two-pirate ticket?"

Gingrich, along with a handful of others, including Alabama Sen.

There's actually a logical reason for this: Choosing a boisterous, yet staunch critic of the Democratic ticket - like Gingrich or Christie - means that the "extraordinary warrior" tapped would become the primary agitator for the Democrats, thereby giving Trump more room to appear presidential.

After all, Gingrich - just like Trump - is an out of touch, old, kinda racist white guy who has a history of cheating on his wives and saying offensive things. Who the hell knows!

"Newt Gingrich is going to be involved in our government".

Trump on stage to announce VP... "That I can tell you", Trump said.

"In all fairness, if you look at what Mike Pence did in the Congress and then you look at what Mike Pence has done in Indianapolis as governor building on the extraordinary record of Mitch Daniel, Indiana has a great story to tell but his style is different than mine".

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Donald Trump is insisting that he has yet to settle on a running mate.

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