Head of UK opposition party urges challenger to think again

I'm waiting to hear Angela say he should be on the ballot because it would be a travesty in terms of natural justice and fairness if he's not on the ballot.

Labour party officials say they have legal advice which suggests he would have to seek nominations from fellow MPs, just like his challenger.

Corbyn, 67, has been battered since the June 23 vote.

Labour MPs, 80 per cent of whom have expressed no confidence in Corbyn, are convinced that he can not lead Labour to victory in the next election.

Britain's Opposition Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn will face a leadership challenge from Angela Eagle who announced today she would launch a formal bid against the veteran socialist on Monday.

Ms Eagle plans to announce her bid for the leadership on Monday, triggering a vote by the wider party membership.

"He's lost the confidence of his parliamentary colleagues and I really think now the time is for him to consider his position... This is an opportunity to put enormous pressure on the Tory government".

Southampton MP Alan Whitehead has written to party members explaining why he stood down from leader Jeremy Corbyn's frontbench team.

Asked if he would go to court should the NEC rule against him, Mr Corbyn said: "I will challenge that, if that is the view they take". "That was in 1988, the electoral college system has been abolished since then".

Mr Corbyn said he would be prepared to mount a legal challenge if he was not on the leadership ballot. "And someone who came fourth out of five to be deputy, it's not clear to me that she can win the leadership".

"With great sadness and anger, I now believe him to be right".

The party's official stance before the referendum had been to support staying in the European Union, but critics accused Corbyn of campaigning so half-heartedly that many Labour voters were unaware of the party's position or ignored it and voted "leave".

He told Marr: "Pretty well everyone seems to be signing up to the idea that you invest rather than cut to help the economy".

Pro-EU Conservative and Labour MPs have held talks about establishing a new political party in what would be another sensational shake-up in British politics.

He also renewed his call to Labour MPs to "get around the table" and re-enter dialogue. I've reached out in the broadest way I could.

He added: "There's no wobbles, there's no stress, there's no depression". "I'm a woman from the working class North; I understand metropolitan things too", she said.

"He's still exactly the person that he was when I originally got my tattoo: he hasn't taken a step back from his original politics, he's still that people's politician that he was in the first place and he still has a huge amount of backing from the Labour Party on the ground".

Lord Prescott's comments come just days after the publication of the long-awaited Iraq Inquiry report by Sir John Chilcot.

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